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When churches become home to the Satanists and Illuminati, you have to seriously question the arrival of the end times. And that is exactly what has happened at St. Andrews Catholic Church in London. The church leaders gave residence to a troupe of models who used the church as their runway for a black mass fashion show.

A Turkish fashion designer, Dilara Findikoglu, held the “Illuminati-inspired Spring/Summer 2018 Collection” show inside the sanctuary, and it was described as a “rocking” affair.

Some of the designs included “Beetlejuice,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “Lacuna Coil witchcraft-vampire.” These were but a few of the satanic-inspired fashions.

What in God’s name is going on? This week I wrote separate pieces about Hillary Clinton’s admission to dabbling in voodoo and Washington D.C.’s socialite gatekeeper Sally Quinn and her admission to killing three people by hex. And now we have a church serving as the runaway for black magic fashion?

I was amazed that the stories of Clinton and Quinn went under-reported. And it seems as though that reports of the devilish show at St. Andrews Catholic Church in London will be tucked away in the crevices of media outlets as they try to conceal the rise of Satanism in the world’s most prestigious institutions.

But it’s all there for anyone to see. I watched part of the video, stopping when my eyes became sick with the sight of this blasphemous scene. The ugliness and gruesomeness of the models in the church were not just appalling but heart-breaking.

Watching the soulless parade themselves in underworld attire was distressing in itself, but the reality that they did so in a church is beastly and repulsive. My question; where was the priest?

With each passing day, as madness and chaos become the norm in social standards, it goes without question that we are genuinely fighting the good fight. Good versus evil is no longer a catchy cliché. Demonic-inspired activities in churches has to set the bar for Satanic celebration.

And I personally won’t be shocked if a Satanic ritual in the House of the Lord is not the next course on the devil’s menu for God’s people to digest. When churches succumb to the world of the occult, you can expect anything.

“Our Father Who Art in Heaven………Please Deliver Us From Evil.”

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