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It should not be a surprise to anyone that the Left has targeted Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former Chief Strategist. They are threatened by Bannon, because they know that he is a rare man who has the intellect and wisdom to undermine their agenda to destroy the republic. And that puts him high up on their enemies’ list.

Steve Bannon is unique to Washington. His appearance alone suggests an ineloquent, folksy, and simple man. He’s the guy who when invited to a “come as you are party,” literally comes as he is. He blends in with the woodwork as opposed to standing out as an ostentatious political showman. But that’s who he is, a man who has influence and gets things done without fanfare.

Personal recognition is not high on his priorities list. He can’t accomplish his mission without some notoriety, but Bannon clearly does not want to make a splash. He is the consistent ripple that slowly moves things along.

When Bannon left his job in the White House, the media rejoiced. They were jubilant as they speculated as to Trump’s tiring of this non-conforming outsider. But according to Bannon, he left so as to immobilize the GOP Establishment. He needed to do work that could not be done from within the White House.

The media has tried to align Steve Bannon with the alt-right, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and white nationalists. They are throwing everything in their arsenal at him, which is an unambiguous indication that they are concerned about his influence.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, Bannon stated, “If you think they’re going to give the country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken.” His reference was to the Democrats, and he was on target. He understands that the culture and political war to save the republic is not about an election.

It is about a movement, and yes the movement is more effective if the president is on board. But Bannon is a populist, and he is a populist, because he understands that the ultimate power lies not with the president but with the people. It derives from We the People. Very few of our national lawmakers really understand that concept, and most choose not to understand it.

In a conversation with Reince Preibus, Bannon expressed his three main verticals for the Trump administration. They were national security, economic nationalism, and deconstruction of the administrative state, that being to drain the Washington Swamp. “The center core of what we believe, that we’re a nation with a culture and a reason for being….I think that unites us and is going to unite this movement going forward,” the low-key Bannon professes.

Speaking last night at a rally for Alabama senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, Bannon stated that the United States could be united with economic nationalism while accusing the elites of committing economic hate crimes against this country by gutting manufacturing. He pointed out a direct correlation between those economic hate crimes and the opioid crisis, because those unemployed workers were left in a state of despair.

And if Bannon is right, which I believe he is, the elite establishment is indirectly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the opioid war. The corruption within the Washington Swamp has not just lined the pockets of the globalist lawmakers, lobbyists, and investors. The elites have acquired excessive wealth while bringing great pain into the lives of everyday Americans.

Bannon says it doesn’t matter what race, color, sexual orientation, or religion that you are. “It matters that you are a citizen of the greatest republic of mankind.”

Bannon specifically called out Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, and Senate Leadership Fund president Steve Law, promising, “Your day of reckoning is soon coming.” He praised Trump for running for president out of a sense of duty. And he referred to the media and the opposition party as the running dogs for the elites of this world.

Calling Mitch McConnell the leader of a corrupt and incompetent permanent political class, Bannon charged that the elites “know the price of everything” and the “value of nothing.”

Anti-globalist Nigel Farage introduced Steve Bannon at Judge Roy Moore’s rally as the “greatest thinker and political activist in the western world.” Looking at the disheveled populist leader, some would wonder if that could possibly be true. I say it is.

Most often the best and brightest don’t want to be front and center. They have a quiet confidence in their mission and surface only when absolutely necessary. They normally fly under the radar trying to motivate the right people into action.

I believe it is very possible if not probable that Steve Bannon will be the man behind the scenes and the brains behind the movement that saves the republic. Only time will tell.

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