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I began watching “The O’Reilly Factor” almost twenty years ago. I was a fan of the program, because O’Reilly knew the score. He was a vocal Conservative, albeit a registered Independent. And that was okay by me, and as it should be. Media players should be Independents.

It was from Bill that I learned about George Soros. O’Reilly talked often about Soros, warning about his globalist agenda and his evil character. But suddenly, ten or so years ago, I noticed that he never mentioned Soros’ name anymore. It was odd.

It was also in this time period that Bill published his book “Culture Warrior.” I read the book, soaking in all of the amazing information about the secular/progressives and their stated goal for the deconstruction of America. Throughout the book, Bill talked about the terror and horror of what was going to occur if we didn’t stop these people. To say that he was committed to stopping the Left was an understatement.

But a couple of years later, around the time that Barack Obama took the presidency, I became vey disillusioned with O’Reilly. He began backing away from his admonitions about the coming Marxist revolution. He didn’t retract his prior warnings. He just avoided the topic and climbed onto a high fence.

I was past annoyed. I was angry. I had studied and researched Bill’s sources from his book along with the life of George Soros. I knew his words to be true, because I was also a student of history from my youth.

I couldn’t understand why Bill O’Reilly had sold out. I could only speculate that either he was being blackmailed, his family was being threatened, or Fox News had told him to back off the doomsday stories.

And then came the firing. O’Reilly was dismissed from Fox News based on what is now unfolding to be a completely bogus story which was promoted by the far-left “Media Matters,’ a George Soros organization. Simply put, O’Reilly was the hit by this very radical media watchdog group.

In what I saw as an unusual move, O’Reilly stepped down without a fight. Whether he was war weary, had other plans, or just wanted to regroup, I am not sure. But as I now look back, it could be a blessing that O’Reilly is free from the Fox News contract and the restrictions put upon him by his employer. Because now O’Reilly can fight without his hands tied behind his back, and the truth can come out.

Last night Bill O’Reilly was a guest on “Hannity.” In a rare appearance, he stated what to most people is the unthinkable. He warned of the impending dangers surrounding the Left’s plans for the deconstruction of America. Bill laid out the plans by the Democrats to destroy every American tradition and to charge America as an evil empire driven to this wickedness by white supremacists, which are namely any white person.

He and Hannity warned the viewers as to how dangerous our situation has become. They discussed the “white privilege” fad designed to prepare white people to accept their fate. Bill reiterated that the entire Left’s agenda is based on lies as is the narrative of the mainstream media. He stated that if Fox News fails, we are done.

Hannity and O’Reilly are teaming up to fight the Left. O’Reilly admitted to what I had predicated for years and that was that he and his family had been threatened by the Left every single day of his tenure at Fox News. These evil Lefties even came to his home and harassed him. He also revealed that Media Matters had already threatened him and Hannity prior to their interview last night. They were warned to not have the program.

Speaking in Tampa, O’Reilly spoke of white genocide and the endgame for the Left. He is sounding the alarm, thank God! But will and do the people understand. I fear that they won’t.

Americans cannot fathom the form of totalitarianism which led to the Holocaust. They foolishly believe that we are above it. But we aren’t. The brainwashed Americans are capable of anything. They can be convinced of anything, especially if they can see themselves as victims. And they will turn on you, never doubt that.

I lost my faith in Bill O’Reilly for a few years. But I am so happy to learn that his conservative voice was muffled, not by choice, but by necessity.

There was a reason that Bill O’Reilly quietly left Fox News without a pushback. Whether he realizes it or not, he has a higher calling for a purpose that only men such as himself can do. And that is to lead the people who need to fight back. They need a leader and organization, and from what O’Reilly seems to be indicating, he is getting ready to volunteer for the job with the assistance of Hannity and hopefully other conservative icons.

Thank you, Bill O’Reilly for coming back to us. Thank you for answering this higher calling. Your country desperately needs you.


  1. I remember Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck exposing George Soros and the Globalists. They know that they have to deystroy America from within in order to have a New World Order.Every Country that fell to Communism fell from within by anarchist malcontents that lead the blind sheep to their slaughter. Notice how they are using Saul Aulinky’s Rules for Radicals and how easily the Media has controlled the masses. Wake up America!

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