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The most racist organization in the United States is the Democrat Party. From the Democrats’ very own Ku Klux Klan to their hard fight against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Democrats have been the party of slavery, segregation, secession, and racial oppression.

In 1964 the Democrats, led by West Virginia Democrat Robert(KKK) Byrd, held a fifty-seven day filibuster against the Civil Rights Act. Byrd spoke against the bill for fourteen straight hours. It takes a special kind of hatred to stand on the platform of racial oppression for fourteen long hours.

It was Illinois Republican Senate Leader, Everett Dirksen who condemned the filibuster and demanded that the Democrats accept racial equality. Oh, but the Democrats don’t want you to know the facts about racism and their hard fight to keep the black man down.

And let’s not forget that until the day he died, Byrd’s nickname by the Democrats was “the conscience of the Senate.” They had no problem with the “Exalted Cyclops” of the KKK’s conscience. Speaking of Byrd, his funeral was highlighted by Bill Clinton’s eulogy who acknowledged that Byrd had been a member of the KKK, but that was only to get votes. Well, alrighty then. So, in the Democrats playbook, being a member of the KKK is fair play if it brings votes to the party. You gotta love the authenticity that just flourishes within the party of the asses.

The Democrats have never had a problem with stepping outside the box to get votes. It wasn’t until they realized that Black Americans held more value to them in the voting booth than being lynched from trees that they decided to pretend that they wanted to help African-Americans. Not as in help-help them as in getting jobs and helping them to be more productive. But as helping them to find a comfort zone in the unemployment line.

Democrats are always searching for the down-trodden to exploit. They want to tear blacks down so they can promise to build them up. Just like the eight years that Barak Obama did nothing for the black communities. And why would the first black president have reason to hold down members of his own race? Because his loyalties weren’t to his community. They were to his far-left ideology of Marxism, which required a dependent class of people to manipulate.

With the help of the corrupted media, the Democrats were able to convince not just the blacks, but all minorities, and their own pathetic dimwitted base that the Republicans wanted to keep them down, the Republicans wanted to enslave them, and the Republicans wanted them segregated.

Following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” they did a brilliant job of fooling the masses. They silently managed to turn the tables of reality and become the party of the black man, thus making the Republicans the oppressors. This phenomenon could never have happened without the propaganda which continued to ooze from the debased media.

And as they convinced the black community that the GOP was their enemy, they made way for them to fall prey to the victim mentality. They did this so they could persuade them to vote for the Democrats who would give them equality. But the Democrats didn’t want equality for the black man. They wanted to manipulate the black man with hapless assurances that the Democrats would deliver unto them that which the Republicans had denied them. And the media was silent as the party of Alinsky deluded the trusting voters.

It didn’t stop with the rewritten narrative of the Democrats’ real record of inequality for African-Americans. The Democrats adopted the term racist to overuse and target their political enemies. It worked beautifully. And in doing so, they craftily alleged racism when there was none. They deceptively identified racists where there were no racists.

Each time they cried wolf, it diminished the real institution of racism. Each time they accused an innocent person of being a racist, the word “racist” lost its potency. To this day when I hear that someone is a racist, I shrug and go one and think nothing of it, because I know the Democrat game of “Pop Goes the Racist.”

The Democrat Party has lost its way and has no message that can resonate with rational people. Most people now understand that abortion is an ungodly act. Same-sex marriage is legal, so that fight is off the table. Americans are hurting because of illegal immigration, and while the Democrats still push globalism and open borders, many in their own party want borders and a wall.

Many Democrats are now suffering from the lack of affordability with Obamacare. The promise of universal single-payer healthcare has lost its appeal. Obama did nothing to ensure the reality of North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons, and now we are being threatened by this evil regime.

If anything tells you how hysterical and desperate that the Democrat Party has become it’s the party’s embrace of transgenderism and gender fluidity. This issue does not sit well with most Americans.

So where does the party go? Right back to racism. But they had to gin up the accusations of racism. It lost it’s punch. And now they needed something bigger, something heavier, something horrible to hurl at Republicans.

That something was “white supremacy.” First they called President Trump a “white supremacist,” and then they turned up the volume and called anyone who voted for him a white supremacist. They know it isn’t the truth, but they don’t care.

Truth isn’t an issue with anyone on the left. Truth is inconvenient and annoying to Democrats. Their message to voters doesn’t have to be accurate or virtuous. It just needs to get votes.

And if that means they completely delegitimize terms like racism, white supremacy, or white nationalist, then that’s what they will do. The party that worships at the altar of abortion, which Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger admitted was to stop the births of black babies, now wants everyone to believe that they are the party that is outraged over racism and white supremacy.

In truth, the Democrats covet racism. They adore white supremacy. Whereas they have no sensible or justifiable soapbox, and depend on the earmarks of the Communist Manifesto, racism and white supremacy are their weapons used to rally their troops.

The party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, secession, and inequality is more than happy to diminish the authentic obscenity of racism and white supremacy with the Democrat version of the Boy who cried Racism. And racism wasn’t there. So, nobody believed it when it came.


  1. Your history of the Democrat Party is correct regarding their role in founding the KKK and in Robert C. Byrd’s shameful filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Lyndon Johnson defied his party when he pushed for passage of the bill, a deeply radical act at that time for a Democrat. The following year, Johnson said this about the Voting Rights Act of 1965, “… should we defeat every enemy, and should we double our wealth and conquer the stars, and still be unequal, then we will have failed as a people and as a nation.” When the Civil Rights Act passed, Johnson said, “We have lost the South for a generation.” That statement was optimistic – the Democrats lost the South for now almost three generations. Where did the South go? They fled to the Republican Party. Yes, our party has been inundated by the children and grandchildren of white, racist, southern Democrats who have brought their vitriol to the Party of Lincoln, equating conservatism with racism. If we wish to survive as a party that embraces conservative values and the rights of all, we must take a hard look AT OURSELVES and the role we play in perpetuating inequality. Remember, in 30 years, white people will be a minority ethnic group. We can’t afford to exclude people of color.

    • Inequality is a concern of humanity, not of affordability regarding a political party. We don’t compromise our principles to attract anyone of any color. And if we do the right thing, we cannot possibly perpetuate inequality. The issue of white people becoming a minority group in thirty years is irrelevant to the issue of all men being equal. I am not interested in the expediency of attracting people of color to the Republican Party as it pertains to party politics. I find it offensive to people of color to assume that they have to be coddled and given incentives to join the GOP. The party which promotes individualism, a limited government, Judeo-Christian values, job opportunities, a fair tax system, national security, enforced immigration laws, a strict interpretation of the Constitution, and the sovereignty of the United States will attract the people that I want to stand with of any color. Unfortunately, there are many within the political system who wish to buy their constituents by offering freebies such as “reparations” in the name of equality. I don’t need to take a look at myself considering a role in perpetuating inequality, as I am blameless in the perpetuation of any form of discrimination or prejudice. And I cringe at the thoughts of anyone changing their standards or principles to attract anyone. I appreciate your input.

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