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Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom, daughter of the famous litigator Gloria Allred, exposed herself this week when she hired on as legal advisor to Harvey Weinstein. Bloom, notorious for her staunch advocacy for women in sexual harassment lawsuits, did us all a favor. Her thoughtless decision to defend Weinstein, who is admitting to some of his grotesque behaviors, was a gift to conservative America.

We knew that she was nothing more than a left-wing political hack, her claim to fame being nothing more than riding on her mother’s coattails in her phony pursuit of sexual harassment victims. She represented Bill O’Reilly accuser, Perquita Burgess, despite Burgess’s weak allegations and past record of arrest for making false allegations against another man, because Bloom is all about politics.

When questioned about her hypocrisy in standing with Weinstein, Bloom had the unmitigated gall to say that she is teaching the powerful film mogul about “gender and power dynamics.” Now, isn’t that sweet. Harvey just needs a lesson in how it’s “not nice to masturbate in front of unsuspecting women.”

Bloom admitted that Weinstein’s actions were gross but that he is “an old dinosaur learning new ways.” Oh, I get it, Lisa. Far left perverts are allowed to get off for their warped, aberrant sexual deviances, such as flaunting their genitals and groping women.

Rudimentary etiquette does include keeping your penis in your pants, but in Bloom’s world, radical left dirty old men are just old dinosaurs needing to learn new ways. It’s those conservative guys who make suggestive remarks that need to lose their jobs.

Perquita Burgess, Bloom’s client who is a proven liar, alleged that O’Reilly had said to her, nine years ago, “looking good girl,” and referred to her as “hot chocolate,” and Bloom wanted that “conservative dinosaur” fired.

And then we need to look at the favors that Weinstein might have given Bloom. Last April Bloom announced on twitter, “My book SUSPICION NATION is being made into a mini-series, produced by Harvey Weinstein and JayZ!” Wow! CONGRATULATIONS LISA!

Call me paranoid, but my suspicious nature leads me to think that Bloom owes Weinstein a favor. But it’s a payback that Bloom won’t mind, because Weinstein is after all, her comrade in the quest for worldwide communism.

“Feminism” has never been about women. It is and has been a vehicle for the Left to control and demean women. Feminists stole the righteous cause of women seeking equal rights and perverted the narrative.

Remember when women’s rights concerned the pursuit of voting rights, equal opportunities in the work force, equal pay, and social equity? Aside from radical racist eugenicists such as Margaret Sanger, the early women’s rights advocates weren’t seeking legal permission to kill their unborn. They weren’t pushing their rights to be lesbian. And they weren’t promoting sexual promiscuity.

But self-serving women like Lisa Bloom came along and converted women’s rights into a divisive tool for political expediency. They hijacked a righteous movement for equality and used it to attack men and facilitate a counter-culture offensive.

Feminism is about destroying women, not lifting them up, and Lisa Bloom is just another disgraceful voice of the Left who has publicly and unwisely revealed her motives.

Bloom has stepped down from her position as Weinstein’s teacher. Convincing Weinstein to keep his genitals in his pants must have been a daunting task for the disingenuous Bloom. But obviously, the outrage from her apparent hypocrisy made an impact.

Don’t worry, Lisa. I have no doubt that JayZ will make sure that your mini-series is filmed.

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