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Most Republicans believed the GOP rhetoric that the conservative platform could not be accomplished, because the Republicans could not maneuver the hurdles of the Democrat controlled House and the Obama administration. So, we gave you the House, the Senate, and the presidency in 2016. And what did you give us? NOTHING.

It took us some time, but we have finally accepted the painful and disappointing reality that the GOP was long ago infiltrated with globalists. In essence, Democrats ran for office under the Republican brand, thus tainting the GOP with the same Marxist disease that has devoured the entire Democrat Party. A secondary wave of representatives entered the Congress as conservatives but became high on their own position and succumbed to the corruption.

But on a positive note, at least now we know for sure. We know that many in the GOP are aligned with the Left, and you have betrayed We the People. For this treacherous sellout, you will pay a heavy price. We are coming for you, and we will get you at the ballot box.

There is more than one way to skin a disloyal Republican, and Steve Bannon has taken the lead. He is the quarterback for a movement which will begin the process of slowly asphyxiating the dishonorable elites within the GOP.

All across the nation, Republican traitors are being identified, and you are going to be challenged in your state primaries. Just as Judge Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange in Alabama, despite Moore’s monumental campaign finance disadvantage, Republican challengers are going to reclaim the conservative message in all of the states.

Bob Corker, understanding that he cannot get reelected, decided to shine a light on the infestation of the anti-Trump conspirators within the GOP. Corker, who is nothing more than a gutless wonder, decided to slap the faces of We the People, who chose our agenda when we elected President Trump. Being the slimeball that he so obviously is, Corker turned to the vile anti-American New York Times for his revenge against Trump and Conservatives.

Steve Bannon is calling for his resignation. Bannon, who is an intellectual giant in accordance with understanding the power of the globalist elite, has declared war on the phony Republicans, and he will take you down as conservative Republicans begin to understand the game plan.

The Democrat Party is such a wrecking ball that it can easily be defeated in the 2018 midterm elections. But our first objective is to hand you your sorry asses and send you packing. And mark my words, that day is soon to come.

We will replace you with righteous Republicans who will work to restore American sovereignty and respect, Republicans who embrace constitutional law, not globalism. You gave us the Judas kiss for your pieces of gold. You sold your souls for the high life. Your political days in Washington are limited. We are coming for you!

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