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In an interview with the BBC, actress Emma Thompson acknowledged that sexual predators are “endemic” to Hollywood. Thank you, Ms. Thompson for making a declaration to the obvious, although it’s a little late, isn’t it?

Once the bandaid has been ripped off the wound, there is little pain to bear. But suddenly, Hollywood actresses and other celebrities are coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment from Harvey “Watch me take a shower” Weinstein and other Hollywood big shots.

After thirty years of Weinstein’s well-recognized sexual perversion, hundreds if not thousands of women have found their memories. From Angelina Jolie to Julia Roberts to Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood’s sexiest and glamourous ladies are coming forward with their accounts of harassment from not only Weinstein but other high profile Hollywood men such as Ben Affleck.

Where were these women when they were still searching for stardom? Admittedly, both Paltrow and Jolie have stated that they were in their early twenties when Weinstein asked them for sexual favors. Considering that Jolie is 42 and Paltrow is 45, they have both had a mere twenty years to come clean about the real Harvey Weinstein.

After all, Jolie and Paltrow, like Roberts and most Hollywood women, are “good liberal women” always seeking to further the cause of women’s rights, aren’t they? They were always able to find their feminist voices when it came to speaking in favor of a woman’s right to have an abortion. So, why couldn’t they find those same inner voices telling them to speak out against the Hollywood sexual assault on women?

Could it be that they were more concerned about their own careers than women’s rights? Surely not!

And now the narrative reads that hordes of brave women are coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment and even rape, and we are told that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But let’s be perfectly clear with this murky perspective of courageous women daring to stand against the Hollywood porcine community. These women are not courageous. They are actually cowards. They should have stepped forward years ago, but they were concerned about their careers more than they were about the sexual prices they had to pay for their success.

Oh they tell us that they turned Weinstein down. And I’m supposed to believe that? Weinstein would never refute their accounts of opting out of “Love on a casting couch.”

You can be sure that many of the women who are denying that they gave Weinstein what he wanted, are lying. And why can we assume that? Because Weinstein would have no leverage to get what he wanted from the women if he didn’t have the reputation of demanding sexual favors in exchange for allowing women on the ladder to stardom.

Most of the women knew that meeting with Harvey Weinstein in a hotel room involved more than the signing of a movie contract. But to admit that they consented to his advances would be admitting to prostitution; fame for foreplay or fornication.

I’ll be blunt! The Hollywood women are as much to blame for the sick, twisted, sexual culture in Tinseltown as are the men who used their power to sexually abuse them.

The only women who are not to blame are the women who reported the assaults, because it was the right thing to do. The only women who should be applauded for their bravery are the women who spoke out when they had something to lose.

The Hollywood women who have suddenly remembered that Weinstein abused them are cowards. Speaking out when there is nothing to lose does not require courage. It’s merely climbing on a bandwagon for the attention. And isn’t that what most of the Hollywood women wanted all along? Attention at any cost!

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  1. Spot on Judy. I agree with you but let me make one thing perfectly clear I DONT CONDONE RAPE OR USING YOUR POSITION TO FURTHER SOMEONES CAREER. You can’t convince me that all of these women are innocent. I would have a few questions for them. Every one talks and if it wasn’t consensual the mob that this took place with one of them should have stepped forward a long time ago. They knew before hand what would probably happen but like you stated ” THESE WOMEN JUST WANT TO FUTHER THIER CAREER AND THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING !!!

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