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Jane “I’m a traitor” Fonda told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that she is ashamed to admit that she did learn of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct a year ago and didn’t say anything. OOOOOHHHHH, and she regrets it so. You just don’t know how much she regrets it. Why, I bet she even loses sleep over it. NOT!

This is just so sad for Jane having to carry this burden around, knowing that her pal, Harv, has subjected only God knows how many woman to his disgusting sexual behaviors. But Jane wants a pass for her little secret, because according to this traitor, she just wasn’t bold enough to come forward.

What a crock of Hollywood crap! First of all, Weinstein has been pulling his pants down for the starlets and wannabe movie stars for thirty years, and old Jane is just getting wind of it? She wants us to believe that at 80 years of age and a lifetime spent in Hollywood, she just heard the news about Harvey’s perverted sexual appetites last year. And I’ll believe that when Michael Moore flies.

Secondly, Janie proclaims that she just wasn’t bold enough to report Weinstein. Keep in mind this is the woman who posed for a picture while sitting on an anti-aircraft gun in “North” Viet Nam while singing songs with the North Vietnamese while American boys were being shot down by the same type of artillery that she was sitting on. It is indisputable that the Viet Cong killed American boys with the same gun that Fonda used to perform her traitorous actions.

But she was a young Hollywood brat, so all was supposed to be forgiven. So, while in her thirties Fonda was bold enough to betray her countrymen but at 80 she isn’t bold enough to come forward with the truth about a man who sexually assaults women.

This woman, Hanoi Jane, who has spent her lifetime condemning conservatives for their objections to abortion while promoting herself as a strong feminist who promotes women’s rights, turned her head while women were used and abused by Hollywood’s most powerful man.

And she wants us to believe it was because she was just too timid to speak out. In truth it’s because she is a piece of excrement!

First she betrays her country. Then she reveals her real indifference to women’s rights. A woman’s right not to be molested or exposed to gross men is the most precious right a woman can claim.

Women like Jane Fonda have worked against women. In actuality Fonda is anti-woman. She encourages a woman to make the worst decision she could ever make by taking the life of her own baby, while protecting men in Hollywood who prey on women.

The now octogenarian, Hanoi Jane, will in the not-so-distant future leave a legacy to the world. And it will be that of a self-indulged celebrity who was a traitor to her country and a traitor to her gender.

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