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Hillary Clinton gave an interview to the BBC this week in which she compared Harvey Weinstein to President Trump. When host Andrew Marr questioned her about her own husband’s sexual misbehavior and her dismissal of the women making the allegations, a question which the American media would never dare to ask, she had the audacity to reject the topic by saying, “That has all been litigated. That was clearly in the past.”

Oh really, Hillary? In the past? By definition yesterday was in the past, an hour ago was in the past, and five minutes ago was in the past. Unfortunately, for women like Juanita Broaddrick, who alleges that Bill Clinton raped her, sexual assault is never in the past. It lingers in their mind for their entire lives.

But Hillary gives Bill the “Roman Polanski Pass.” What’s the big deal about a 43 year old man raping a thirteen year old? It’s just something that the Hollywood artist did in the past. All is forgiven, and life moves on for Polanski. The thirteen year old girl is scarred for life. On the other hand, Polanski is given accolades by the Hollywood degenerates.

It will be written in the pages of history that Hillary Clinton was the most shameful and disgraceful of America’s first ladies. Clinton’s lust for power and her inability to recognize humility and submit to the reality of the consequences for her own contemptuous behaviors are indicative of delusional thinking.

She appears oblivious to her own self-induced fate, that being of a woman who has been turned away by the American people, many of her own party. She cannot comprehend the concreteness of the 2016 presidential election. It’s as if her loss is not only inconceivable in her mind, but irrelevant.

Hillary continues to travel the media circuit looking for an opportunity to explain her loss as if she can talk her way into the presidency and as if the 2016 election never happened. She cannot or refuses to accept the absoluteness that the Clinton Machine has come to a grinding halt. She is virtually powerless in respect to her lifelong expectation of being the first woman president of the United States.

And if anything speaks to her complete disconnect with reality, it would have to be her admissions to wanting to stick pins and needles in voodoo dolls of her critics. Her behavior screams “derangement.”

From the first moment Hillary Clinton appeared on the national political scene when Bill Clinton was a presidential candidate, her aspirations for power were evident. Her references to Bill’s presidency as a co-presidency were indicative of the roadmap she had illustrated for her future. She was willing to accept infidelity and humiliation in exchange for an arrangement that she believed would one day guarantee her the position of being the world’s most powerful person.

Ed Klein, a reputable tell-all author who has the inside track on the Clintons, has written that Bill Clinton became angry when Hillary wrote her book, “What Happened,” the book in which she tries to lay blame on everyone but herself for losing the presidency to Donald Trump. According to Klein, the angry former president said, “What happened? You lost!” Bill tried to convince Hillary to rewrite the book. She refused, and in doing so, she gave the world a verbal video of herself coming apart at the seams.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to witness a woman in the public whose lust for power and riches are as obvious or as excessive as Hillary Clinton’s. Her greed and appetite for the ungodly and worldly features of life are now on display as is her mental anguish for having been denied that which was her self-perceived entitlement.

I can envision Hillary as a child. She was the little girl who clung tightly to her toys, refusing to share with the other children, while declaring, “Their mine, all mine.” Just as she thought the presidency was “Hers, all hers.”

The Bible teaches us what happens to those whose craven appetites take hold of their soul. And it’s not a happy ending.

There is an old saying in reference to wrongdoers when they receive their just desserts publicly. “Sometimes God let’s you watch.” Is Hillary Clinton’s public implosion a lesson for us all? I don’t know. But as my mother repeatedly reminded me, “You always reap what you sow.” And that is exactly what Hillary Clinton is doing…reaping what she has sown.

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