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Aside from reminding us of the utter hypocrisy and ignorance of the Hollywood Left, the Harvey Weinstein scandal has underscored the stupidity and sheer selfishness of those women who identify as feminists. They are nothing more than women using other women to promote Marxism.

Isn’t that right, Lisa Bloom? Bloom, the status-seeking attorney and daughter of super-feminist Gloria Allred, has made her career on the backs of men. A distinguishing feature of her legal practice is the representation of women who accuse men of sexual harassment, in particular conservative men.

Yet, Bloom joined the team of legal experts who were united to defend the indefensible Harvey Weinstein. She referred to Weinstein as a “dinosaur” who needed to learn new ways. And then she began to look for ways to discredit his accusers, knowing all the while that Weinstein was guilty of disgusting sexual aggressions and assaults on women. Bloom has since stepped down from Weinstein’s band of good ole boys while announcing that her decision to defend Weinstein was a horrible mistake. Ya think so, Lisa?

The big-mouth comedian/feminist Chelsea Handler, who uses obscenity-laced tirades to express her hatred for President Donald Trump, held an anti-Trump Women’s March in Sundance, Utah last January and none other than Hollywood’s very own A-lister sexual pervert, Harvey Weinstein, marched alongside her.

Considering that Handler, who has loudly complained of sexual harassment in Hollywood, had no issues with Weinstein attending the march speaks volumes about her authenticity regarding women’s rights.

And the fact that Weinstein even attended reveals the real motive of the Women’s marches. The rallies had nothing to do with equality. They had everything to do with the resistance to the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump and the promotion of Marxism.

In the real world, feminists are an embarrassment to real women. Not only are they useful idiots for the radical Left, but they are the pawns of those who want to demean women.

When I saw the hundreds of thousands of women in pink pus*y hats marching on Washington D.C. the day after President Trump’s inauguration, I was revolted. Who were these disgustingly simple-minded women wearing hats symbolic of vaginas? Who were these dimwits following along with the radical Ashley Judd and screaming, “I am nasty?”

Intelligent women know that flaunting their sexuality is degrading and humiliating behavior. Yet, feminists encourage women to engage in sexually promiscuous behaviors, which are damning to women, who are as a whole emotionally fragile in sexual relationships. But feminists don’t care, because the goal has never been to empower women. It has been to cater to the Marxist agenda of breaking the family by demoralizing and deconstructing the value system of the female population.

Just as the serpent convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, feminists convinced millions of women that taking the lives of their unborn babies was justifiable. The Left has always taken isolated cases with odds of one in ten million to set a precedence. If one in ten million women die during childbirth, feminists push the phony narrative that we must have open-ended abortions to save the lives of mothers everywhere. And the unintelligent women among us run with the program.

If feminists were sincere, they would be marching in the streets in America and all across Europe in defense of the voiceless Muslim women in the Middle East who are the victims of honor killings, rape, and cultural oppression. But they don’t stand up for oppressed women, because they aren’t sincere.

If feminists were sincere, they would be demanding a solution to the sexual assault crisis in Europe due to the Islamic migrants, in particular Sweden and Germany. But they don’t, because to do so would influence their real agenda, which is open-border globalism.

Feminists are the enemies of real women. They have made a mockery of the women’s right movement which brought sensible demands such as suffrage and equal job opportunities to the discussion table. And they have hijacked the genuine grassroots campaign which was designed to establish real equality.

We now see the feminists for who they truly are. We see Chelsea Handler, Lisa Bloom, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, Gwenyth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and hundreds if not thousands of other feminists who had absolutely no problem with Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults, because he was one of them. He was a left-wing icon, and Lefties protect their own.

Now is the time for feminism and Planned Parenthood to fade away. It has been exposed as a disingenuous operation with a conflicting purpose to women’s equality.

Ashley Judd was right about one thing. Feminists are very nasty, indeed!

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