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President Trump is being widely criticized for suggesting that NBC lose it’s broadcasting credentials. And rightfully, his critics have legitimate objections. Is it the president’s role to call out the media? Many suggest that a president is surpassing his authority in interfering with issues such as the First Amendment’s guarantee of a freedom of the press. Others worry about a state-run media.

But is President Trump proposing that the government run the media? No! He is calling out NBC for its lack of honesty. When the Founders included the freedom of the press in the First Amendment, their intent was not to provide a safeguard for illegitimate news. The objective was to give journalists the freedom to print “unpopular” news, not to protect unethical journalists who created news to suit their political persuasion.

Trump’s detractors are deliberately distorting the issue. The point of contention is not whether media outlets should be respected with the assurance of a free press. The real issue is whether the media should be allowed to knowingly report fake news.

The focus of the controversy is not regarding a media’s right to choose the news it wishes to divulge. The heart of the debate concerns the privilege and morality of a media conglomerate using lies and deceptive journalistic techniques to push a political agenda.

And in this age of perpetual corruption emanating from Hollywood, Washington D.C., and the media elite, who protects the people from the propaganda? Not the free market. In order for the free market to effect the disingenuous news media, the people have to know that they are being manipulated by the communications industry.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans have been uninformed and misinformed as to the media elite’s agenda. They believe the false reporting, and in doing so they proliferate false messages.

It’s a never-ending cycle of media fake news influencing a trusting and ignorant public. Where does it all end without an authority stepping in to stop the madness?

Congress should be challenging the media corruption, but our lawmakers are so corrupted themselves that they have no moral high ground from which to stand in calling out the fraudulence. The pot can’t complain about the kettle.

The courts are so corrupt that lawsuits challenging the media’s dishonorable and treacherous reporting are being dismissed by left-wing judicial activist judges. Sarah Palin’s case against the New York Times, in which she was clearly and falsely maligned for instigating gun violence, was thrown out of court by far left judges.

So, for all of the outcries for a balance of powers intervention to upend fake news, there simply are none. When your solutions lie with a corrupted legislative branch and corrupted judicial system, the executive branch has no choice but to intervene or allow the media manipulation of the public to continue.

The American people must have a license to drive their cars. They have to prove that they are responsible drivers or their licenses are revoked after very few violations. Doctors must have a license to practice medicine, and if they are negligent in their practice, they lose that license.

Why should the media elite be any different? Why should capricious journalists, who have no regard for the truth and hold an allegiance only to a globalist Marxist agenda, be allowed to continue with their devious mission of indoctrinating the masses?

And if it can be proven that the media has intentionally misrepresented the truth to convert the people to a particular way of thinking, that media source needs to lose its license.

Fake news media must pay the price for its anti-American activity of working against the American people. They are guilty of treasonous behavior.

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