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When Barack Hussein Obama was stomping all over the founding principles of the United States Constitution, George W. Bush said nothing. When Obama was setting fire to the western culture with his push for same-sex marriage and his embrace of the amoral counter culture, Dubya remained silent.

He also kept his lips sealed when the mainstream media led the charge of “Bush lied. People died.” He didn’t even defend his own policies or evidence that there were indeed weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq. His failure to stand against the allegations being hurled at him hurt the entire Republican Party.

But boy, oh boy, is Bush ever unleashed now. Speaking at the George W. Bush Institute (how convenient is that), Bush said that “we cannot wish globalism away.” Excuse me there for a minute, Dubya, but no one is suggesting that we “wish” globalism away. We want it to crash and burn. We want to make it happen, not throw our pennies in a wishing well.

Bush accused President Trump of nourishing dangerous ideologies that threaten American unification and global stability. He trashed Trump’s “America First” agenda and insinuated that Trump was inciting bigotry with his immigration policies.

Bush repudiated nationalism and praised the dynamism of immigration. He denounced the bigotry that he falsely perceives as being a by-product of “Deplorables” who want the illegal invasion of aliens into our country stopped.

W. Bush is so far removed from the lives and desires of every day Americans, that just like those on the Left, he perceives Conservatives, who have a pride in their country and a yearning for a return to the days of a Judeo-Christian-influenced culture, to be bigots.

In a statement obviously designed to be a push for open borders, Bush said, “Our identity as a nation, unlike other nations, is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or by blood. Being American involves the embrace of high ideals and civic responsibility.”

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! By Bush’s definition, there are no geographical boundaries to America. America is not determined by “soil or geography” stated the 43rd president. It is not determined by “ethnicity or blood,” he continued.

But it is determined by borders and geographical boundaries. And it is determined by those who spilled their blood in the name of the preservation of the Judeo-Christian principles as established by our Founders.

Not all Americans embrace high ideals and civic responsibility as George W. Bush declared to be necessary. And it is “that” choice to embrace or not to embrace high ideals and civic responsibility, that makes Americans different.

We have the freedom to be irresponsible and lack ideals in America. As long as we live our lives within the confines of the law, we can be jerks. And that’s a good thing, not because we like jerks but because we like having the liberty to be a jerk.

According to Bush the globalist, anyone, anywhere, who embraces high ideals and maintains civic responsibility, can be an American. Translation: The entire world is American, entitled to American dollars.

George W. Bush was not outraged by the utter contempt that Barack Obama held for Americans. He was not outraged by the Marxist policies of the 44th president. We did not hear a peep from W. when Obama declared war on the binary gender. But he is offended by President Donald Trump for daring to step outside of the globalist agenda.

Dubya stoked the fires when he condemned white supremacy. Taking a page from the radical Left, Bush now sees white supremacists behind every Trump supporter.

You see, George W. Bush was not really that different than Bill Clinton, except for keeping his pants on in the Oval office. And he wasn’t much different than Barack Obama. All three presidents including George H.W. Bush, were globalists, who were advancing the one-world-order ball until Obama took it and ran with it.

Now, for the first time since his presidency, George W. Bush is going to condemn a sitting president, the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan.

He would do better to try to repair the legacy of his own lack luster presidency. As for now, he should be listed among the most shameful presidents in modern history, right next to Jimmy “Free the Iranian Hostages” Carter.

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