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After John McCain gave an anti-Trump speech in Philadelphia, without calling the president out by name, Trump warned the senile senator from Arizona that he would fight back, and it wouldn’t be pretty. All things considered, McCain is a globalist with disdain for conservative Americans within his own Republican Party.

McCain supports open borders and a Marxist agenda. McCain stated in his speech, “We live in a land made of ideals, not of blood and soil,” meaning that our land and heritage mean nothing. Referring to nationalism as a half-baked concept, McCain clearly embraced internationalism as superior to American values and sovereignty.

There is something inherently sinister about a man who has deceived his constituents by presenting himself as a conservative, run for the presidency as a conservative, and then completely reversed course when he knew there was nothing to be lost. We have witnessed the spite that lies deep within McCain’s heart for the GOP base as he completely defied our mission to repeal Obamacare. He pompously and decorously pranced onto the senate floor and cast his “no” vote with his fellow Democrats and then mouthed to Chuck Schumer, “F**k yeah!”

McCain’s non-written memo to the Republican conservatives was a celebratory and resounding, “Screw you.” With a high five to the Dems and a chuckle of glee, John McCain made his mark on history, with an imprint which will forever stain his reputation as a hero, if indeed he even was a hero. And many accounts of his POW days deny his narrative.

What a shame that McCain, who is now suffering from terminal brain cancer, would choose his final days to spit in the eye of the voters who campaigned for his presidential run and cast their ballots for him. While the Democrats hold him with contempt, he chooses to run hard and run angry in his attempts to dismantle the conservative program.

A humble man, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only months to live, would gracefully bow out of the spotlight and give himself fully to his family, particularly to his wife and children. A humble man would leave the glitz and power terminal of Washington D.C. and surround himself with the warmth of his loved ones.

But McCain isn’t humble. He is the Jack Ruby of the twenty first century. Ruby, who had a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer, shot and killed John Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby was dying and had nothing noteworthy to lose, at least here on this earth.

McCain knows his days are numbered, in Washington and on earth. If he wants to kill the republic, he can at least try without fear of retribution.

John McCain is no hero. He is a dishonorable man. So, please, President Trump, carry out with your threats to fight back against the wickedness of McCain. You promise it won’t be pretty, but I beseech you; Make it ugly. Make it butt ugly!

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