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Fox News’ Chris Wallace is objecting to his coworkers use of the expression “fake news.” He’s tired of colleagues ripping on the media. WAH! WAH! WAH!

Perhaps, if the media didn’t make news up, distort the facts of stories, pursue dead end stories like “Russia, Russia, Russia”, cherry pick the news that suits their agenda, spend more than 90% of their on-air time attacking the sitting president, report the news instead of editorializing the news, ignore stories that are unflattering to Democrats, ignore Hillary Clinton’s scandals, brush over the Harvey Weinstein story, and bury stories which give credibility to the conservative platform, Wallace’s colleagues would not find it necessary to highlight the deceptive media.

No doubt, the liberal Wallace was indirectly speaking of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Jesse Watters, among others. And may I shout out to Wallace, “Hey, Chris! How about a little honesty from you. Hannity, Dobbs, Carlson, Watters, and other Fox hosts who are critical of the fake news media are “opinion makers,” and they make it no secret that they are speaking their OPINIONS. They are not news anchors who are presenting their opinions as news.

To the contrary the fake news media disguises their personal viewpoints as news. When journalists deliver the news in respect to the power of persuasion that they possess, they are engaging in “fake news.” When liberal commentators give commentary dressed up as a news story, it’s “fake news.” When the media is corrupted and designs it’s programming to enact mind control over its viewers, they are launching a “fake news” attack on their viewers.

Gee, Chris, I would have thought that you were taught about truth in reporting in journalism school. When the media practices professional journalism instead of peddling Marxist-driven propaganda, then maybe we can sideline the term “fake news.” But from the looks of things, that will never happen, in this lifetime anyway.

If Chris Wallace was really concerned about journalistic integrity, he would have publicly scolded the mainstream media for their over-the-top assaults on President Trump. But he hasn’t. Because, in truth, Chris Wallace has no problem with fake news. It fits his own globalist agenda.

Wallace cried to the Associated Press (now there’s a great source for propaganda) that when his colleagues at Fox discredit the press by speaking of the “fake news”, they are essentially slamming Fox News journalists.

So what, Chris? If they are lying, they need slammed. The arrogance of the elite media never ceases to amaze me. Wallace doesn’t have a problem with journalistic abuse of the truth. He just has a problem with those in the media who call it out when they see it. And maybe because just sometimes, they are referring to him.

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