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Speaking at his signature institution in New York on Thursday, George W. Bush condemned President Trump repeatedly. But he took the cowards way out. He didn’t mention Trump’s name. Instead, he indirectly accused Trump of advancing bigotry, division in America, white supremacy, and racial division.

Bush even jumped on the Russia collusion fabrication by denouncing Russia’s involvement in the American electoral process. He stated that foreign aggressions and financial influence should never be downplayed or tolerated.

His reference to Russia’s interference in the American political system was the pivotal moment when his audience should have realized that he was a phony, a liar and disgrace to all of those in his party who at one time defended him against the vicious attacks from the Left. Because now his loyalties are with the Left, the very people who unmercifully berated him at every turn.

How does anyone, who positions himself as an honorable man, have the impudence to even speak of Russian collusion when his best friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton, made a deal with the Russians through the sale of American uranium? It’s not old news. Bush had to know about the Clinton-Russian-uranium scandal as well as the Clinton Foundation scandals. Has he even mentioned it?

And let’s not forget the special friendship that Bush has with Michelle Obama. The former First Lady is a radical Marxist thinker. Yet, it’s no secret that George W. Bush has a close bond with the woman who once said, and I paraphrase, “some Americans need to get in the back of the line and let others have their piece of the pie.” Her words were no less directed at middle class America, and she urged them to “stand down” and let others have the better jobs.

Bush has no issue with Michelle O’s extremism. Heck no, she’s his bestie.

While a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last March, George W. praised Kimmel for his anti-Trump opening monologue at the Oscars, calling it “damn good.” Bush makes his rounds on the fake news circuit but is missing in action when it comes to conservative talk shows.

I have never had any use for imposters who sell themselves as one brand when they are a different brand altogether. And I especially abhor men who are cowards, who take jabs at their enemies behind screens. George W. Bush takes pot shots at President Trump rather than being a man and directing his insults at Trump.

Because Bush is ambiguous and speaks with broad non-specifics, it makes it difficult if not impossible for Trump to respond. Any attempt that Trump would make to address Bush’s barbs would be met with accusations of the president suffering from paranoia, a personality disorder, or emotional instability.

Bush was able to slam Trump indirectly and maintain his public image of a gracious, caring Christian, or at least that was his objective. He knew that if he were to directly address Trump, Trump would pounce on him like a lion on a carcass. And he can’t risk such a public display.

George W. Bush is more concerned about images, aristocratic modesty, and protecting his legacy (which isn’t much) than he is for the sovereignty of the republic. He is a member of a dynasty, and in his mind he can’t risk tarnishing the family name.

But I see him for whom he really is; the best friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. He is a yellow-bellied coward.

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