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If you are anticipating a single event that signals the collapse of the republic, you are waiting in vain. There will be no such occurrence, accept in terms of a financial collapse in which we lose the dollar or spiral into deflation and hyperinflation. But even with a financial catastrophe, in a country with a solid and sane political and cultural foundation, a total collapse could be avoided.

Unfortunately, considering our present lack of national moral clarity and debased populace, the republic would be irreversibly damaged in the case of a financial disaster. Bluntly, the United States no longer has any moral character as a nation.

Our entire western civilization has become so brittle that each and every social and political institution is suffering from a conventional and prevailing osteoporosis. The cancer of cultural Marxism, which is the formal version of political correctness, has penetrated every pore of our aged and neglected national skeleton. And we are belatedly feeling the pain.

Look around you. It is no coincidence that we are simultaneously watching the crumbling of the NFL, the disintegrating, unethical and corrupted mainstream media, the crumpling entertainment industry in Hollywood, our public school system, our churches, the healthcare system, and even, unfathomably our biological gender identity.

When the enemy within begins to alter or attempt to alter the natural composition of our DNA, we know that sanity is off the table and the real face of our foes is scrunched in the form of profound madness. And a society which dances to the tune of irrational rhetoric and policy eventually dances at its own funeral.

And that’s where we are. The liberal orchestra has performed the death march to perfection. We have been in the process of collapse for at least two decades, most probably since Bill and Hillary Clinton came onto the national stage and undermined every moral fiber of decency left within the federal government.

The demise of the NFL, Hollywood, mainstream media, among others, is the crescendo of the globalists before the silence. But we knew at some point, something had to give. A social structure cannot endure the impact of a corrupted, depraved, and obscene cultural wrecking ball. At some point the consistent pounding of moral dereliction grinds the rock to sand.

We are, and have been for awhile, in social collapse. It’s undeniable. It’s happening. And it will continue to get worse. But all is not lost. Considering that we are in such a state of despair, the present social framework must be deconstructed so that we can rebuild.

The social collapse is necessary so that we can identify the Marxist policies and globalist termites who undermined our constitutional republic. We have to rebuild our social order, but we can’t proceed until we clear out the cultural Marxist rot.

We are presently foraging through the rubble of our former God-fearing national community, and we are house-cleaning. We are exposing the corruption and deviancy in our institutions. We are revealing the vulgarity and corruption in Hollywood, Washington D.C., the elite media, academia, and the sports industry, as well as many of our public figures.

We are organizing and demanding that the corruption and madness stop. And we have the counter culture in a tailspin. Yes, we are collapsing socially, but we are taking steps to reorganize so that we can rebuild.

If we can avoid a financial collapse, we can restore the republic. If we can elect godly leaders, we can move in the right direction.

The social collapse is in progress. You can’t run from it. But you can use it, by learning from it and reversing course, thus moving right.

Our Founders built this nation on constitutional rock. The Marxist globalists within jackhammered that bedrock to sand, and the foolish people didn’t object.

The social collapse we are witnessing is the crumbling of the counter culture, not the Judeo-Christian culture, albeit the Judeo-Christian culture is damaged. But hearken, because we are in the majority. It is not too late.

A nation built on sand cannot stand. And that is why we are collapsing. But a nation rebuilt on rock can be stronger than ever. And it is for that reason that we will survive.

We will survive!

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  1. Oh, so well put. Never more to the forefront than the recent (and continuing) posturing by that ignoramus of a Florida congresswoman [she with the cowboy hat outfits] who was put in her place by John Kelly. Yes, you are right, the collapse is here and we patriots stand ready to reclaim our country.

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