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Liberals never leave well enough alone. They always, always, always, go to the extreme with every endeavor. They have radicalized femininity. They have replaced responsible immigration policies with uncontrollable borders. They have even managed to convince an ignorant public that men can have babies and infanticide is acceptable if the mother agrees to the termination of the baby’s life.

Liberals are never satisfied with reasonable and warranted corrections to flawed standards or policies. They demand revolutionary and uncompromising changes in every traditional and conventional social norm. And it is because of this irrational predilection for fanaticism that liberalism always fails. It crumbles from the burden of its own mutinous weight.

And now the liberals have managed to diminish the worth of the racism argument. Whenever I hear accusations of racism, I dismiss them automatically. The black liberals, with their white liberal accomplices, have politicized the issue of racism to such a degree that the term “racism” has no value.

He’s a racist. You’re a racist. She’s a racist. They’re a racist. We’re a racist. Everybody’s a racist. So what? Crying wolf and “racist” by the race baiters has completely cheapened the racism issue.

Institutional racism is over. Our social construct has been adjusted to diminish, if not completely erase, any laws, regulations, or policies which unfairly discriminate against people of color.

That is not to say that there are not individuals who are racist. But racism is no longer systemic, even though the Democrats want the general public to continue to fall on their knees with their mea culpas and promises of reparations.

And there is one major undeniable truism that proves the demise of institutional racism. His name is Barack Obama. It would have been virtually impossible for Barack Obama to have been elected as the first black president of the United States if racism was embedded in our institutions.

Obama’s presidency proved that in a predominantly white society, a black man could be elected to the highest office in the land. A black man could be elevated by Americans to the position of the most powerful individual in the world. And yet, the liberals want to lecture Americans on the evils of institutional racism.

It’s not really a mystery as to why Democrats push the race card. They no longer have a legitimate platform from which to peddle their insignificant rhetoric. Without exception, every Democrat talking point has run the reality circuit and proven to be unhealthy, unsound, and dysfunctional. From the women’s right to vote to the pink pussy hats, from the welfare net to career welfare, from affordable and expedient healthcare to unaffordable and eleventh-hour medical treatments, from affirmative action to demands for reparations; from Black Lives Matter to Cops Lives Don’t; Liberalism evolves from a noble idea to an absurd fallacy of delusional miscalculations.

All liberal policy was originated and marinated in irrational thought with an appeal to emotion rather than cognition. Liberalism lacks the concreteness of reasoning and gorges on sensibilities. And it always ends as mush.

Liberals continue to play the race card, because they are panicked. Their vision of a socially engineered society complete with weirdos and gender fluidity surpassed even what the average middle class democrat could tolerate. Believe it or not, there is that point in which even some democrats pull their heads out of their asses. And if I were a betting woman, I would say that moment came when the transgender women (who have the plumbing of men, because they are men) went into the little girls’ restrooms.

But screaming “racist” in a saturated culture of racial allegations lost its punch. I don’t care if someone calls me a racist. I know I’m not, and that’s all that matters. And finally, it’s becoming the norm for conservatives to laugh off allegations of racism.

When it became apparent that the boy who cried “racist” was a liar, conservatives quit reacting to the charges, and the liberals doubled down.

They changed their talking points from racist allegations to “white nationalists.” And when that was ineffective, they took it to the next level of “white supremacy.” And the white supremacy argument is a joke. A few thousand white supremacists in a nation of 350 million people, and we are taking white supremacy seriously? What a joke!

I don’t look at a person’s color. I guess I see it, but I don’t think about it. But I do think about people whose behavior identifies them as a jerk. And yes, I discriminate against them. I stay clear of them whether they are white, black, or pink polka dot.

Real racism, which does still lie in the hearts of some people, is no longer noteworthy. Both the black and white liberals cheapened the term and the message it delivered.

When a liberal calls me a racist, it’s a ho-hum moment for me. And I find myself saying what Ronald Reagan used to say when liberals prattled their ridiculous nonsense, “There ya go again!”


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