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The excuses abound for Megyn Kelly and her fall from stardom. Struggling to hold onto her morning show at NBC, Kelly will likely be a distant memory in the no-so-distant future. And her champions are desperately searching for anyone and anything to blame for her downfall, other than Megyn herself.

When Megyn had her afternoon show on Fox News, she was a formidable host with a right-leaning bent. It was her cuteness and that hint of conservatism that hoisted her into the prime time evening lineup, going as far as to bump the popular Sean Hannity from his 9:00 p.m. perch.

But that change also brought a different Kelly. She transpired from the attractive and pixie-like daytime host to the glamorous evening queen of political news. She had the special set with the colorfully designed background and the special lighting which provided a photo-shopped Megyn. Suddenly, she was no longer the cute Megyn Kelly. She was the captivating and seductive darling of political news. And what you saw was not what you would get.

On an occasion or two Kelly’s nightly ratings topped the consistently number one O’Reilly. But with that growing audience came Kelly’s shift to the left. It wasn’t radical, but it was noticeable. Megyn Kelly, in all of her self-admiration, believed that she had raced to the top and would stay there. She was a hit on the late-night shows. Within months her cockiness was evident to her viewers.

Megyn thought she had arrived. And she had. But she thought that when she got to the top, she could discard the need for the conservative viewers who were responsible for her journey to the top. And make no mistake about that. It was the conservative viewers who took Megyn Kelly to the top.

While I had noticed Kelly’s restlessness concerning her traditional conservative guests, it was her flagrantly disrespectful behavior towards Donald Trump at the Fox GOP presidential debate that revealed her utter arrogance and overconfidence. She preened on camera prior to the debate. The debate was even publicized as a Megyn Kelly event.

Kelly was so taken with herself that she not only overstepped her position, but she clearly highlighted her dislike for candidate Donald Trump. She wasn’t subtle with her distaste for the New York billionaire. She was blatant. Megyn Kelly perceived herself as such an eminent and influential journalistic aristocrat that she thought she could insult Trump and get by with it. In her self-absorbed world she had the world at her feet.

No doubt Kelly has regrets surrounding that night when, I believe, she sealed her fate. And Trump himself had nothing to do with it. It was the viewers who were so put off by her smug and self righteousness during the debate. Kelly wasn’t a seasoned political journalist who actually knew something about politics. As she has admitted, she grew up in an apolitical household and does not have a political background. Is that bad? No! But it does mean that she does not have the journalistic expertise to frame questions and follow-up questions with the same professional proficiency as do many of her colleagues, who do know a thing or two about national politics.

Unfortunately for Kelly, she wanted to take the feminist approach to her confrontation with Donald Trump. She was the feminist on the panel, and conservatives by nature are not typically feminists. To say that it was a mistake is an understatement.

As Kelly’s career imploded at Fox, she moved to NBC where she has taken on a different audience, an audience that is not impressed with “Miss Megyn” as Bill O’Reilly would so often introduce her. Conservative audiences made Megyn Kelly when she was pretending to be a conservative. NBC audiences were not impressed. And the woman who thought she had it all is barely keeping her head above the water.

She has made one misstep after another in her new cable home. She was caught on audio lying to Alex Jones. Thinking she was going to expose Jones for whom she perceived to be a nut, Jones outsmarted her and turned the tables. Recently, Kelly has been dancing on her show as she is desperately seeking to find something that will stick to her slick as grease self promotional wall. And nothing works.

Her recent program on Bill O’Reilly’s misconduct at Fox brought her some attention. Claiming that she had complained about O’Reilly to Fox executives, which they deny, Kelly had NBC release her email to Fox prior to her leaving the network cable giant.

But there’s a problem with the email release. It’s an excerpt of the email, not the email in its entirety, and the excerpt does not even accuse O’Reilly of sexual harassment. It suggests, as Kelly repeatedly uses the word “perhaps,” that O’Reilly was a domineering male who views women as inferior. Had there been any meat at all to this email, it would have been released.

And unfortunately for Kelly, there is no crime in what Kelly perceived as O’Reilly’s male superiority.

Glenn Beck often refers to his friendship with Kelly. He blames Kelly’s fall from celebrity grace on Donald Trump. Of course, he would. Beck is the man who shoved his own face into a bowl of crushed Cheetos to parody Trump’s supposed orange-tinged complexion. And like I’m going to believe a guy who rolls around in Cheetos?

But Donald Trump does not set the program guide for NBC. To the contrary, if Kelly was as talented as she thinks she is, her anti-Trump audience would be falling at her feet, as she has expected everyone to do.

Honest people know what brought Megyn Kelly back to earth from her aristocratic cloud. It was her self-adoration, her vanity, her self-exaltation, and nothing else but that.

Megyn Kelly was all about Megyn Kelly, and she self-imploded.

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