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Get out the vapors, because conservative NeverTrumpers are still having their fainting spells when it comes to President Donald Trump’s unconventional style of politics. And there’s no argument there. Trump’s political performance is as extravagant as is the magnificence of Trump Tower. To put it mildly, Trump gives everything his all and then some, leaving no stones unturned.

For decades conservatives have played the role of Casper Milquetoast as they have allowed themselves to be chewed up and spit out by Democrats. They have prided themselves on taking the high road rather than to go low and attack the Democrats on their home territory. And what did this “Mr. Nice Guy” strategy get us? A collapsing country with the promise of totalitarianism for our children.

But it was all worth it, wasn’t it, Mr. and Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes? After all, we may be oppressed, but you can say that you’re a good guy who plays fair and nice. You always embrace the proper decorum.

When Senator Jeff Flake gave his present of an anti-Trump speech to the Left this week, conservative NeverTrumpers applauded. “Yeah, you tell ’em Senator Flake.” Flake referred to Trump as a bully, and the applause from the GOP NeverTrumpers was deafening.

Mr. and Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes are more concerned about how the battle is fought than who wins the war. And if you doubt that, ask yourself how the Left has managed to use completely insane and immoral logic policy to undermine We the People and this constitutional republic.

I have my hand up to answer that question: 1) Because the media lied to the people, and 2) Because the conservatives wanted to follow the straight and narrow guidelines of political war.

Conservatives who are hell bound and determined to fight this battle for the country with niceties are themselves feeding the leftist beast. They are giving the enemy exactly what they need, a wounded president and dissention within the party ranks.

You have to hand it to the Democrats. They are passionate about what they want, and they will fight for it. Granted, they are screwballs, but they let nothing get in their way. On the other hand, Mr. and Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes cry out in objection and then quietly go away.

Admittedly, it would be nice if the war against the Left could be fought with a gentlemanly statesman in the White House. But it isn’t possible. You can’t fight Marxist bullies without shoving back hard, using the same bully tactics. You have to meet the enemy on his own territory, and if you don’t, he will have his way on your soil.

Mr. and Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes are offended by Trump’s colorful and sometimes vulgar language, his past reputation of womanizing, his willingness to go low, and his verbal attacks on his enemies. And I say, “So what?”

While I would under normal circumstances prefer a modest and virtuous leader with an unblemished past, I know that we cannot win this war against the Left without a fierce and relentless commander who can set the tone for the fight.

Right now at this time in history, we cannot defeat the globalists without warriors who are willing to go low. And that automatically exempts the self righteous conservatives who frown on “being mean.”

Frankly, if restoring this republic and beating back the globalists to secure the future of our children can only be accomplished with meanness, then I say, “Get mean. Get real mean!”



      • Never Trumpers don’t live by a moral compass or they would object to the inhumane attacks on Trump. But they do have quite a proclivity for self righteous narcissism. It’s always good to know that there are those amongst us whom God has entrusted with the inside list of the heaven and hell-bound souls. You should pat yourself on your head before you put the necklace of garlic cloves around your neck. Or maybe you could throw suspected Trump supporters into a lake to see if they float before you damn their souls to hell.

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