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There is a false narrative occurring within the conservative populist movement. And that narrative is the fictitious tale that the Democrat and Republican parties are equally responsible for the crumbling structure of the republic. They are not, I repeat, they are NOT EQUALLY responsible for the disastrous state of national affairs.

I am not dismissing the existence of fake conservatives and corrupt lawmakers within the GOP. Without a doubt there are many charlatans with an R after their names. These Republicans have created a mess within the party hierarchy which begins with the leadership (can you say Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan?) and trickles down into the Congressional ranks.

The cronyism, the pay to play, and the special interest groups have contaminated many of the elites within the party. These same worthless individuals, for their own selfish motives, have managed to distort the party platform which is embedded in constitutional principles of limited government. And Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Shelley Moore Capito, and several dozen others have stalled the conservative agenda.

While the Democrats in Congress have been ruthless, the Republicans have been timid and cowardly, backing away from every shove the Democrats have pressed upon them. And yes, these shameful Republicans need consequences for their disloyalty to the party base, but do we really want to scrap the party as punishment for the villainous actions of the minority.

After all, whose fault is it that we have weak Republicans in Congress? Basically ours, We the People of the Republican Party. These fake Republicans just didn’t develop out of thin air. They were enabled by the complacent GOP voters who kept putting the same do-nothings right back into their congressional seats.

But there is a distinct difference in the GOP and Democrat parties. 1)The Democrat base is on board with the corrupt lawmakers within their party. They are in agreement with the radical leaders who push their agenda. To the contrary, the Republican base abhors the corruption within the ranks of the GOP. 2)The Democrat and Republican Party platforms are fundamentally and wholly incompatible. They aren’t just variations of the same end game, that being a more united and economically stronger United States with a fundamentally sound Judeo-Christian social structure.

The party platforms of the Democrats and Republicans are so extremely and intrinsically conflicted that compromise isn’t even possible. The Democrat wish list for the country is so insanely extreme that it poses an impossible leap for those in the Republican Party who would even wish to find common ground.

The Republicans cannot afford to take even one little bite of the Marxism apple that the Democrats offer in the form of politically correct fruit. Even one bite means eventual death.

While the anger for the GOP festers within the base, we need to remember what the GOP stands for…1) limited government 2)Judeo Christian principles 3)individual liberties rather than collective rights 4) the entire constitution with an emphasis on the First and Second Amendments 5) traditional marriage 6) state controlled education 7) the preservation of all innocent life 8) closed borders and controlled immigration 9) a sovereign United States 10) and America-first policy 11) a strong military 12) personal responsibility and 13)traditional customs, just to name a few.

The Democrat platform embraces 1) a global society 2)a welfare state 3) socialism 4) a secular society with no mention of God 5) abortion on demand 6) limited speech 7) gun confiscation 8)collective rights versus individual rights 9) same-sex marriage and alternative lifestyles 10) gender fluidity 11) anti-white rhetoric 12) American history rewritten and abolishment of traditional customs, just to name a few.

The Democrat platform is so unconventional and irrational that compromise is not an option.

There seems to be some sentiment among conservatives that the best alternative to the corruption within the party is to abandon the GOP and start anew with a third party alternative.

Not only would this scenario present an identity crisis within party politics, but it would be the end of the conservative movement as well as the Republican Party. Chaos would ensue as some Republicans stayed and others left.

It is imperative that conservatives understand that there MUST BE organizational leadership within the conservative movement if we are going to defeat the wicked Democrats. The primary reason, excluding the fake news media, that the Democrats managed to fool the people of the country for so long was the lack of organization within the Republican ranks and the lack of leadership. The Democrats have been well organized with passionate, albeit corrupt leaders, for so long that they have roots deep within the government. Republicans do not have these same advantages, because they have not been a well-organized political party.

If conservatives decide to branch off from the GOP at this juncture, the entire populist conservative movement will fail. There is no time to rebuild what was the GOP. There is no time for reorganization and the regrouping of new leaders. Asking conservatives to stand with a third party would be no different than asking them to build their houses on sand.

Every time we berate the GOP in its entirety, we weaken the conservative movement which it houses. We can identify the RINOS, the interlopers, and the corrupt members of the party and work to get them out. But we do not destroy the brand which gives life to the philosophy that makes us conservatives.

We need to identify the bad Republicans and run them out of the party. We can disinfect the GOP and make it stronger and better. But if we burn it down, we have nothing but fragmented scraps of an organization and a movement which is reduced to ashes.

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  1. Well, well. Glad to see someone other than me thinks like this. Since I live in Kentucky, I have to put up with the chief perpetrator, that old, rascaly Mitchell McConnell. Most of we conservatives here refer to old Mitch as a “doofus”, certainly not a flattering term but one often wonders how he manages to keep getting re-elected. He has suggested that he will run again in 2020 and that galvanizes me and like minded conservatives to find someone to oppose him.
    I agree that if we abandon the Republican party, conservatism will not survive. Not sure how we are going to do it but the continuance of this country, I believe, depends on it.
    Having grown up in St. Albans and remembering what life was like BP (before progressives), I am simply apalled by the way this country is heading down the drain. Just heard on news last week that fully 45% of California families do not speak english at home. It may be too late!

    Keep the work going.

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