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Thank you Ambassador Nikki Haley. Haley gave a bold speech at the United Nations yesterday, scolding the 193-member General Assembly for confirming a resolution demanding that the United States terminate its embargo on Cuba.

Haley called the resolution “political theater,” and she shrugged it off defiantly. She reminded the UN that they had no power to command the US to end the embargo, because the UN cannot interfere in American law.

It was just weeks ago that American diplomats in Cuba were bombarded with sonic attacks, followed up by President Trump pulling many of the American diplomats out of the Havana embassy due to concerns for their health. Likewise, he expelled two-thirds of the Cuban embassy personnel from the US.

Haley stated that the United States stands with the people of Cuba “in hope that they will one day be free to choose their own destiny.” She chided the Assembly as she reminded them that they wasted time each year even considering the resolution as well as ignoring the circumstances of the suffering Cuban people.

As would be expected, Cuban officials condemned Haley for being “disrespectful,” alleging that she didn’t have the moral authority to be critical of Cuba.

Barack Obama coddled the Cuban dictatorship, and Haley rightfully reminded them that there is a new president in town who is acting on the will and for the benefit of the people of the United States.

While I have had my apprehensions about Haley, she has proven to be a muscular and impressive proponent of American sovereignty. She appreciates an alliance with other nations, but not at the expense of surrendering American sovereignty or catering to universal law.

Most reasonable people can agree that an association of the world’s nations, which are allied to address dictatorships and human misery, is justifiable. But the United Nations is a corrupted body, representing the world’s nations who are most guilty of American-envy. It exists to shackle, restrain, and control the United States foreign policy with attempts at influencing domestic policy.

The UN has made a mockery of human rights by declaring Israel, not Iran, as the worst violator of human rights. Iran even won a seat on the UN’s Women’s Rights Commission.

This joke of an assembly believes that it has the moral authority to demand that the United States yield to its concerns and resolutions.

But the gutsy Nikki Haley just reminded them, “You ain’t the boss of the United States, so back off.”

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