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George H.W. Bush’s new book, “The Last Republicans” is a good thing for the conservative movement in an unconventional sort of way. The elder Bush exposes the utter disgust that the Bush family holds for the average conservative republican. He does this by revealing the family’s contempt for President Trump.

But most significantly, he confesses that he voted for Hillary Clinton, while referring to himself as a last republican. He might want to consider changing the title of his book to “The Last Phony Republicans.”

It is inconceivable that a former republican president could or would cast his vote for the woman who was accountable for American deaths in Benghazi. It is implausible that a former republican president could or would cast his vote for a woman who pushes unlimited abortions. It is unimaginable that a former republican president could cast his vote for an immoral woman who is cold, calculating, and tied to scores of people who have died mysteriously. And if you are a Bush family supporter, think about that one.

Hillary Clinton’s reputation as a corrupt and vicious woman follows her everywhere, even within her own party. Donna Brazile, her own democrat peer, writes in her new book that she closes her blinds for fear of being taken out by a sniper. Brazile writes that she loses sleep over the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Do you think Brazile is just afraid of a random shooting?

George H.W. Bush admitted to voting for this revolting woman in a book in which he refers to himself as a last republican. That fact alone defines the 41st president as traitorous to the party that put him in the presidency and as a would-be accessory to the final take down of the republic via a Clinton presidency.

The former president, whom most conservatives living today voted for, threw his hat in the ring with a woman who admits to practicing voodoo and has a greed and lust for power like no other woman in the world of politics in our lifetime. And George H.W. Bush wanted to see her in the White House.

To the Bush, family the Republican Party is nothing more than an elite club for them to exploit. The family feels entitled to the presidency, so much so that they believed that not only a father and son, but a father and two sons should hold the office of United States President. In a nation of more than 360 million citizens, the arrogance of such a notion is staggering and proclaims a hubris much like the Bill and Hillary Clinton chokehold on the Democrat Party.

Both the Bush family and Clintons have almost a sensual desire for an American dynasty. And perhaps that illustrates their mutual attraction. Don’t forget, the Clintons are already grooming Chelsea for the world of politics.

Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, Republicans have longed for the conservative hierarchy. We have searched for the candidate within our party who will restore conservatism in the public arena, a republican leader who will reject the social justice culture being forced upon us. The Bush family did nothing to stop the democrats. They enabled them.

Until the presidency of Donald Trump, the executive branch has been controlled for the last thirty years by four presidents, all whom have inspired the Left.

And all the while, conservatives in the Republican Party have been wondering why the Republicans couldn’t seem to accomplish anything on our agenda. It was as if the Republican Party platform was nonexistent.

We have been retrieving pieces to the missing puzzle as to what was occurring within the Republican Party. We discovered that our own leaders were selling us out. We learned John McCain is a traitor and not a hero. We determined that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were globalists. And the chips continued to fall exposing members of Congress such as Jeff Flake and Bob Corker who were nothing more than charlatans who had managed to get into the Republican Party.

And now George H.W. Bush’s book confirms what we suspected. The Bush family was and is nothing more than a blue-blood clan consumed with their own power and legacy. They are globalists.

And the family has provided us with more missing pieces of the puzzle as to the enemies within.


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