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The Texas church shooter, Devin Kelley, was plainly and simply a mean, evil son-of-a-bitch. All reports indicate that he was a weird kid with a turbulent personality. In all probability, he was the kid who smashed turtles against trees and strangled puppies.

During my teaching career, I have worked with several children like Kelley. There was always an emptiness in their eyes and a void in their personalities. I couldn’t reach them through the vacuum in their souls. And I was never surprised when I learned later that they were in prison, one in particular for raping a 90 year old woman.

From my experiences, most of these children can’t be saved from the wickedness that resides in their spiritual selves. They are time bombs. And most people who have every day contact with these kids understand the hopelessness of the situation. They are hollow creatures with a conscience of nothingness. Some are mentally deranged, and others are just cruel.

It is both appropriate and predictable that Devin Kelly was an atheist. It would be an oxymoron for a man such as Kelly to prescribe to faith in a benevolent Creator. A reasonable person can assume that Kelly embraced darkness early on in his life. It was always nightfall for Kelley and never dawn.

Immediately following the identity of Kelly as the shooter, his facebook page was scrubbed. Screenshots from the page revealed that he was a fan of CNN and was affiliated with atheist groups. His postings were anti-Christian. There were rumors that he was associated with Antifa, and I say “rumors,” because mainstream media has failed to make that connection, regardless of other insinuations from his social media.

Miscreants like Kelley have no moral compass. They breathe and consume hatred, and they deny and reject everything decent in life. Kelly hated Christians. He was a child and spouse abuser. And he was an atheist.

But it wasn’t just the fact that Kelley was an atheist. There are decent people that have difficulty accepting the concept of God the Creator. It is the notion that he was involved in atheist groups which are dedicated to erasing God’s influence in the culture.

Organized atheism is not about the lack of belief in God. It is a movement to destroy morality. Organized atheists, like the Democrat Party, push an agenda of moral relativity. In other words, there is no wrong or right (except being a conservative). All sin and depravity is in the eye of the beholder according to left-wing dogma.

If violence fits the Democrat narrative, the Left glosses it over. The shooting assault on House Republicans, which resulted in life-threatening injuries to House Majority leader Steve Scalise, was news for about two days and little attention was given to the assailant’s radical left-wing views.

The Las Vegas mass murder of country western fans, who were presumably traditional white people, was covered up. And a thinking man can only deduct that the evidence led to the killer’s left-wing predilection. The investigation was completely bungled, most probably to hide another attack on conservatives.

Democrats simply don’t care about the violence precipitated to achieve power. They are the Alinskyites who believe that the ends justifies the means.

So, to whom would wicked people gravitate when searching for allies or a haven of understanding for their socially and self-destructive behaviors? Would they find camaraderie from the Christian and conservative community who define sin as sin, or from the Left who don’t define sin and accepts all behavior as morally virtuous?

The Democrat Party has no moral inclinations. They denounced God three times (that number sounds familiar) at their 2012 Democrat Convention. They are the advocates for “anything goes” abortion. They stand in support of Sharia Law. Democrats promote promiscuous sex of all variations. They believe grown men should have access to young girls in women’s restrooms.

The Democrats only nemesis is Republicans and Conservatives who stand in the way of their unscrupulous, demented, and pornographic dream for America. The Democrats inspire the wicked to bend to the will of their sinful natures.

The Left is a magnet for the Wicked in this world. It is their spiritual home and an inspirational harbor for their malevolent souls.

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