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Republicans need to accept the reality that the Democrats will forever be on the attack. The attacks will be underhanded, predictable, and advanced by the democrat media. Like clockwork, we can expect accusations against Republicans at the most convenient and opportune times.

And the accusations of sexual misconduct against Judge Roy Moore are a prime example of orchestrated political corruption by most likely the Democrats and establishment Republicans. After a hard fought battle to beat contender, Luther Strange, for the GOP Alabama senate nomination, Moore is being accused of trying to seduce a 14 year old when he was 32. The allegations suddenly appeared weeks before the election.

The so-called victim of Moore’s supposed advances waited 38 years to decide whether or not Moore had acted inappropriately. The far-left Washington Post broke the story. The motive for the charges could not be more apparent.

Yet, Republicans in and out of Congress are calling for Moore to step down. It’s really that simple, folks. All it takes for a Republican to be smeared is for one woman to wait almost 40 years to suddenly decide to falsify a statement against a man whom she alleges acted inappropriately when she was fourteen years old. The accuser would now be 52 years old. My money says the woman is a democrat.

In 2012 Herman Cain was gaining momentum in the GOP primary race. When suddenly a gaggle of women appeared claiming that Cain had been engaged in sexual misconduct with them. As the accusers continued to come forward, Cain dropped out of the race as the damage was done. Miraculously, the stories disappeared.

Unless the women who accused Judge Moore of the wrongdoing come forward and confesses to their fabrications, Judge Moore will be tainted with the allegations. Even if he is innocent, which I believe he is, he will still carry the burden of a guilty man.

The same people who gave us Bill Clinton, who is an accused rapist, an exhibitionist, a serial adulterer and possible pedophile, are now demanding that Moore cave to suspicious and incredible, unsubstantiated claims that the accuser waited almost four decades to make.

Moore is expected to just give up and run away from the senate seat as if he was convicted of a crime. If the woman who now points her finger at the judge was so upset by his behavior four decades ago, would she have not wanted to protect other young girls from his clutches? And what does it say about a woman who would not warn others about a man that she asserts behaved so improperly?

Hillary Clinton was an accessory to four men dying in Benghazi. She rigged the Democrat Primary election. She was involved in paying for the phony Trump dossier. And she was embroiled in treasonous activities while Secretary of State, as she gave Russia, an enemy of the state, uranium used to make nuclear weapons; not to mention the mysterious deaths of Seth Rich, Vince Foster, Ron Brown and dozens of other Clinton associates who met their untimely demise.

And despite overwhelming evidence of her criminal activities, Clinton continues to not only walk free but to remain in the public eye as a prominent and powerful aristocrat. Yet, we have Republicans as well as Democrats calling for Judge Roy Moore’s head.

Sean Hannity interviewed Moore yesterday. During his evening program, he employed a panel of three to evaluate Moore’s denial of the inappropriate behaviors regarding the three women who have stepped forward with their tell-tale stories. Surprisingly all three contributors found Moore guilty. Attorney Greg Jarrett, Geraldo Rivera, and a third female lawyer all called for Moore to drop out of the race. The woman lawyer concluded that because the three women didn’t know each other, the stories could not be concocted.

Such disjointed reasoning for a lawyer is astonishing. The women didn’t have to know each other. They just all needed to know the person who had contrived the story and pushed the smear campaign against Judge Moore.

Jarrett admitted that he has never been a Moore fan, and Geraldo can always be expected to stand against anyone who is a straight-laced conservative. Hannity did not make any conclusions.

Information has surfaced which ties one of Moore’s accusers to both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. She is a Democrat operative, and her facebook postings were in support of Moore’s democrat opponent Doug Jones. She has repeated posts urging the removal of President Trump from office while pushing a petition to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council last February.

Don’t expect Moore’s accuser’s ties to the Democrat Party to exonerate Moore, because evidence is not relevant in a smear campaign. And the media will continue to push a false narrative in attempt to influence the election.

Hopefully, Moore will stand his ground and continue on with his campaign. Republicans must stop rolling over for the Left.

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