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When it became common knowledge that Bill Clinton was a sexual predator, the Democrats shrugged. The Left doesn’t give a fig leaf about sex crimes or sexual deviancy. Heck, they embrace sexual perversion. They cultivate debauchery. And they applaud sexually abnormal behaviors. In democrat speak, the kinkier, the better.

The American Left continues to support Muslim migration despite the overwhelming increase of sex crimes in European countries by Muslim migrants. They ignore the rape culture which is woven into the fabric of the male-dominated Islamic civilization. Why? Because they don’t care about women and women’s issues.

So, why, all of a sudden, would the Democrats become concerned about sexual harassment and sex crimes? They knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual perversions and aggressions for decades. According to Hollywood insiders, everyone knew about Weinstein’s appetite for young women. Yet, no one cared. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, just to name two of Tinseltown’s biggest Lefties, both knew of Weinstein’s issues and defended him.

In truth, there are no dirty little secrets in Hollywood. There is just common knowledge swept under a rug. Sleeping your way to the top is a way of life for wannabe stars. It’s a path well travelled.

The media was well aware of the “sex for stardom” arrangements being made in the entertainment industry. Allegations against Weinstein were laughed off. Hollywood celebrities even made public jokes about Weinstein and his sexual misbehavior. But that’s all it was to them….a big joke. They didn’t care about the women involved, and they kept to their motto, “You wanna play, you pay.”

After Winstein’s fall from grace, the chips continued to fall. Several other Hollywood actors were called out for their sexual deviancies. Allegations against Kevin Spacey highlighted the charges of pedophilia which began leaking out. Charlie Sheen was called out as were other lesser known Hollywood players.

Americans should have been asking themselves, “Why now?” Why was the media and the progressive establishment elite unexpectedly addressing the decades- long problem of sexual harassment and the rape culture? They weren’t concerned about it last year, or the year before, or the year before that. Without warning, the powers-that-be devoted their attention to sexual predators.

First and foremost, evil always eventually consumes itself. Partners in crime eventually tattle. Darkness cannot prevail, so at some point, wicked people become embroiled in their own depravity. And we are witnessing a form of self-cannibalization.

But I see another angle to this drip, drip, drip of revelations concerning prominent sexual predators. The media has created an altar to which they can sacrifice their political enemies. They have built a figurative funeral pyre for the conservative men who become a threat to their agenda.

And so you say, “Well, that can’t be, because Weinstein is a liberal as are many or most of the other celebrities whom have been outed.” And I respond, “Remember the Alinsky rule, ‘the ends justifies the means.'”

Liberals will renounce their own for political expediency. Know who these people are. They are not loyal to each other. They support each other as long as it advances their agenda. Donna Brazille turned on Hillary Clinton when it became politically advantageous for her cause, because there is no honor among thieves.

By creating a public atmosphere dedicated to a McCarthyism-style search for sexual predators, the Left has created an effective venue to castrate the conservative men, just as they have done with Judge Roy Moore. They operate on the premise that all they have to do is to get a woman or two or three to accuse the man of sexual misconduct, and BAM! BAM! BAM!, the guy is guilty. They don’t have to prove anything. All they have to do is to float the possibility or phony allegations, and the conservative is critically wounded.

When the Left lost to Donald Trump, they knew that they needed desperate measures. Thus, came the dossier, the manufactured Russian-collusion story, and the attacks on Trump’s advisors and family members.

The Left has realized that they can no longer win elections on issues. Their lack of meritorious solutions to problems has resulted in phony claims of white supremacy and other emotionally-charged accusations.

What better way to manipulate middle America than to appeal to their aversion for sexual predators? Once accused of these heinous actions, men have trouble vindicating themselves as the Left has women who are more than willing to lie against the men.

No convictions are necessary. Just the suggestion of the conservative man’s guilt is enough to cripple him politically. That is not to say that some men aren’t guilty. But the Left has created a trap in which innocence or guilt becomes a non-issue. The only issue of relevance becomes the accusation.

Judge Roy Moore is just the first of many conservative men who will become the victims of Democrat witch hunts for sex fiends. The Left found the “Fountain of guilt,” and with it they have a sure fire way of permanently soaking conservative men who stand in their way.

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