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I like Sean Hannity. He has a lot of courage, and he is a fighter for this republic. But Hannity can be wrong. And in the case of Judge Roy Moore, he is dead wrong, and he has completely miscalculated his leadership role in regards to Moore’s candidacy.

On Tuesday evening, Sean gave a public ultimatum to Judge Moore. He ordered Moore to prove himself innocent of the sexual misconduct allegations within 24 hours or get out of the Alabama senate race.

Who the hell do you think you are, Sean Hannity? You have no moral authority to speak for the people of Alabama or the conservatives in this country. And yes, all Republicans in this nation have an interest in the Alabama race as we need a Republican seated in the Alabama senate seat.

Judge Roy Moore won the GOP primary, and you are interfering in the business of We the People. You have the liberty to express your concerns about Moore, but you have no jurisdiction in the Alabama race. And it is most certainly not your task to give Moore ultimatums.

Moore responded to Hannity’s demands with a defiant letter, informing the Fox News giant that he has no intentions of stepping down and that he is pursuing defamation suits against his accusers. Moore’s legal team is demanding that Gloria Allred release the so-called yearbook evidence against Moore. The many discrepancies of the yearbook signature are consistent with forgery. Moore is seeking forensic analysis. Predictably, Allred is stalling. Now why would Allred not be pleased as punch to prove her client’s authenticity with a thorough examination of the so-called evidence?

Ironically, President Trump supported the establishment candidate Luther Strange in the Alabama primary. And it is an indisputable fact that most of the time Hannity carries water for Trump. Combined with the reality that Ivanka Trump took indirect swipes at Moore and Hannity’s panel has been loaded with Moore detractors, I am skeptical of Hannity’s intentions.

Judge Roy Moore does not owe Sean Hannity anything. He does not answer to Hannity or any other media personality. He has his legal team, and he needs to follow the advice of those people who are advising him to hold his cards close. The very last thing Moore needs to do is to react to an ultimatum by Hannity and speak out irresponsibly.

Hannity has been doing a fantastic job of exposing the Clinton’s Uranium One scandal as well as Hillary’s many other unethical and criminal activities. He needs to stick with chasing the Washington establishment, not interfering with the Alabama senate race.

Dear Sean, it is all too obvious that the Moore accusers are lying. It is all too evident that Moore is being tried in the court of public opinion in attempts to derail his thriving campaign. I don’t know why you have appointed yourself the adjudicator in this mess, but you need to butt out. Stick to exposing the Clintons and leave Moore’s candidacy to the republicans in Alabama.

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