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Let’s clear something up. Not all men are sexual predators. Certainly, many in the male population are sexual deviants, but as a nation, as a culture, and as a civilization, we cannot blame all men for the actions of some.

Every mother of sons, and every wife of a good husband should be alarmed when other women begin their finger pointing without concrete, substantiated, and timely pertinent evidence. Because as we know, all women are not sugar and spice and everything nice.

Most women have at one time or another in their lifetime been the subject of unwanted attention and sexual advances from some pretty nasty men. It’s a fact of life, that to my knowledge, is a part of the never-ending story of mankind. It’s not a pleasant experience, but it is a reality of life to which there are only bandaids and no cures.

Unless we all submit to around-the-clock monitoring of our private, personal, and public lives, we will always have to acknowledge that we can only fairly label and prosecute those predators with a preponderance of evidence. Anything less would be a miscarriage of justice.

We cannot lay the mantle of depravity at the feet of all men. And we cannot accept as gospel the words of all female accusers. There has to be a balance of objectivity to the circumstances of the individuals, both the accusers and the alleged deviants.

But impartiality went out the window when Judge Roy Moore was suddenly, after almost 40 years, accused of showing interest in teenagers when he was the ripe old age of 32. The moment the accusations began, he was assumed guilty by most in the media and even many conservatives. Despite the facts that one of the accusers is a Democrat activist, another was confirmed to be lying by her own mother, and a third lied about having contact with Moore after her alleged assault, many people continue to believe the allegations.

Gloria Allred’s client produced a suspect yearbook signature claiming it was Moore’s, yet Allred will not affirm that the signature is Moore’s nor will she allow Moore’s legal team to prove forensically that it isn’t. What kind of justice is that? A high power feminist attorney advises her client to use a press conference to float phony evidence and then refuses to claim or disclaim the suspicious material.

Surely, such a deliberate act of deception should fall under the guidelines of legal malpractice, but undoubtedly it doesn’t. And millions of Americans won’t know the difference. They will assume that if the accuser’s attorney stood with her while she presented it, then it must be true.

The argument is not whether there are many men who are pedophiles, because there are. We don’t need to debate the reality of sexual harassment and sexual assault, because it’s a serious issue and a widespread concern that many women have had to endure. Accusations of rape and sexual assault must be taken seriously.

But we can’t forget the Duke Lacrosse players who lives were forever tainted by false rape charges. While the three players were eventually exonerated, they faced unimaginable scrutiny and were presumed guilty regardless of the lack of evidence. Their families incurred millions of dollars in legal expenses.

Yet, during the process, as the case was played out in the media, Crystal Magnum was the poor innocent victim of these upper middle class college boys. She was quite the sympathetic figure until she killed her boyfriend by stabbing him. Today it is Magnum, not the Lacrosse players who is a resident of the local prison.

Sexual predators must be held accountable. But assuming that a man is guilty as charged, merely because a woman makes the claim is a miscarriage of justice.

Just as with any other crime, men deserve an assumption of innocence until proven guilty. Indisputable and credible evidence must accompany allegations of sexual misconduct.

Women are not the fairer sex, nor are they virtuous beings incapable of malicious and vindictive lies. Like men, they are sinners, and many are proficient liars. Throughout history women have used phony allegations of a sexual nature to strike back at men.

And it’s true, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I have witnessed the vicious nature of many a woman who has rendered a man powerless to defend himself.

Many years ago, a male teacher that I worked with was accused by a student of “touching her butt.” The girl was failing his class. She was aggressive and mean. She told several other girls that she was going to make the claim to get him fired. One of the girls came to me and another teacher and told us. She begged us to please help him, because he was a good teacher and the story was false.

We can’t turn our heads to allegations of sexual harassment and assault, because most are true. But we cannot condemn innocent men, simply because they are men. We cannot make the mistake of elevating women to a virtuous pedestal on which their words are irrefutable.

Men can overpower most women without question. But women have a power that if applied correctly is ruthless and can ruin a man’s life, that being false charges of sexual assault.

Judge Moore’s accusers waited almost half a century to come forward. The timing of the allegations alone should cause every person to question their motives. Women have a responsibility to accuse their attackers in a timely manner. Waiting forty years isn’t belated. It’s inexcusable and reckless.

Their delay in reporting these so-called incidences involving Judge Moore, that they deem to be traumatic, cannot be considered as serious due to their inconsideration of other women who would be falling prey to Moore (assuming their stories were true) over a forty year period.

If Judge Roy Moore was a serial pedophile, accosting a multitude of young girls in a mall forty years ago, logic tell us that at least one, and probably many more, would have come forward. The excuse that “these young women were afraid” doesn’t cut it. Because the odds favor that not all of the young girls would be too afraid to step up. There would reasonably be several girls who would have reported him, but there weren’t.

It’s time to nail these guys who are actually sexual predators, but we must use meritorious criteria. We owe it to our daughters, and we owe it to our sons to see that justice is served and not vengeance.

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