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Apologies never meant much to me. Most are insincere. And most are considered the solution for bad behavior as a result of backlash from that inappropriate conduct. The bottom line is that most apologies are the easiest way to get oneself out of hot water.

But for the Democrats they do come in handy. They are the sleight of hand for onlookers. The apology is the event which erases all of the wrongdoing for Democrats; no one else, just Democrats.

And that’s exactly what is occurring now as we watch the unfolding of the scandals involving sexual predators. At this point, most of them are Democrats, although predators come in all shapes, colors, and persuasions. Never let it be said that Republicans in Washington don’t have their fair share of pervs on the prowl.

Nevertheless, the Democrats, who want to preserve their reputation as the party of the sensitive man, are presently pursuing a public relations strategy to acknowledge their own party perverts and accept their apologies without consequence for the degenerate scumbag. And it works out quite nicely for them.

The strategy is so sweet that even the freak Al Franken called for an investigation into himself. I have a better idea, Al. How about you save all of that taxpayer money used in an investigation and just confess to all of the sleazy and sordid behaviors you have engaged in? Why don’t you tell all?

Franken, of course, apologized for his disrespectful conduct towards women as he awaits the investigation that will never take place. But it’s the apology that counts. Isn’t that right, Mr. Franken-stein?

We witnessed the mea culpas delivered by Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Kevin Spacey, Chris Savino, Mark Halperin, and even former President George H.W. Bush, among others. Don’t you love the entitlement? “I groped your breasts, pinched your ass, asked you for sex, forced you to watch me masturbate, and/or raped you, but hey, I’m sorry.”

Apologies are for thoughtlessness, not egregious behaviors. Accidentally bumping into the lady in the grocery store with your buggy is occasion for an apology. Some things are so over-the-top nasty and vile that apologies are laughable. How do you ask a woman to touch your penis and then after some self-reflection think, “Oh, man, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll just issue an apology.”?

But the Left is all about apologies and not consequences. Apologize and you’re good to go, if you are a liberal. On the other hand, if you are a conservative and you deny the allegations which are obviously politically motivated, then you are a villain. Judge Roy Moore can corroborate that sentiment.

On Monday, Mika Brzezinski of “Morning Joe,” stated that Hillary Clinton should stop talking about sexual misconduct until her husband Bill apologizes. Brzezinski is right about one thing. Hillary Clinton needs to stop talking, but not just about sexual misconduct, but about everything. She needs to just go away and take her mouth with her.

However, calling for Bill Clinton to apologize for raping Juanita Broaddrick as well as his other hundreds of sexually-related crimes is a sign of Brzezinski’s incoherent reasoning. It ain’t gonna happen.

Being a sexual predator has been a way of life for Bill Clinton for decades. Nothing is going to change that unless he would get jail time, which isn’t going to happen. And even then, he would most likely conform to a gay lifestyle. The guy’s brain is in his groin, not in the head on his shoulders.

There are multiple reports that he is a pedophile which are substantiated by the records which prove that he has flown to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ aboard Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ on 23 occasions. And there are allegations that Clinton has raped underage girls.

The Clintons’ biographer, Ed Klein, has just made claims that there are four more women who are coming forward alleging that Bill Clinton raped them when they were teenagers just ten years ago, which is after he left the White House. As of now Clinton’s team is not denying the story, and Klein reports that the women are in negotiation with Clinton. They are threatening Clinton with a tell-all press conference.

And Mika Brzezinski wants Slick Willy to apologize. You gotta love it.

Any woman who accepts an apology from a man who has satisfied himself by forcing his attentions on her is a fool. When it comes to sexual predators, there is no such thing as an apology. There is only insult added to injury.

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  1. Here you go again. Right on as usual. Dems and Lind think all they have to do is say I’m sorry and all is forgiven.
    To the perverts of the world, it ain’t hard partner, just keep your hands to yourself and no worthless apology needed.

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