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I am truly bewildered by the number of women who are willing to sacrifice their husbands and sons to the gods of political correctness. And that’s exactly what they are doing when they buy into the popular notion that a woman’s word is indisputable in respect to accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

It is unquestionable that sexual predators and sexual deviants are a growing problem, thanks to the pornography explosion. The porn fueled the already existing problem of sexual perversion, and technology provided wide-reaching opportunities for these social degenerates.

Men who can’t control their sexual appetites are inexcusable. But we must be very careful that we don’t lump all men into the category of sex freaks.

I am as happy as any other woman who is thrilled that finally some of these jerks who have bothered and assaulted women, particularly in the workplace, are being exposed for their fetishes. Bluntly, they are weirdos who justify their debauchery with the old “men will be men” cliché. And I say, “If that’s who men are, then I don’t want any part of them.”

But I know better. I know many good decent men who are just as appalled at the immorality of these predators as are women. Unfortunately, if we aren’t careful and if we don’t put sexual harassment and assault in perspective, we will put all men at risk for ruination.

And if you don’t think that will happen, you are dead wrong. Women have been commenting on social media that in order to get control of the sexual predators, some innocent men will have to go down. Believe them. Because that is where the “I hate all men” attitude will take us.

We must have criteria for the sexual assault accusers and their alleged attackers. There must be evidence to support the claims of these women. The “he said, she said,” allegation should not be enough to completely ruin a man. There must be a validation of the woman’s claims.

A few years back a male friend told me that he had taken his 5 year old granddaughter to the park. He said that he was sitting on a bench by the playground equipment watching the little girl play, and another little girl came up to him and said, “Hi, my name’s Madison, what’s yours?” He responded that Madison was a pretty name. Within seconds the woman’s mother came up to him and began screaming at him to keep his hands off her daughter. He wasn’t touching her daughter, and he tried to explain. The woman caused such a scene that my friend was humiliated and frightened.

He went home and spent his day waiting for the police to arrive at his door. Thankfully, they didn’t come. But it scarred my friend forever. He innocently takes his granddaughter to the park, speaks kindly to a little girl who comes over to talk to him, and he is immediately presumed to be a child molester. Understandably, he had never taken his granddaughter to the park again. And he will not speak to nor even get around little children. He won’t attend his granddaughter’s birthday parties if other children are present.

Many good men are refusing to interact with other women, because they cannot risk a misunderstanding of their intentions. Vice President Pence was mocked for not attending any function or having dinner with another woman alone. In reality, he is a very wise and smart man.

A man with a powerful position is setting himself up for a takedown by engaging in circumstances which could be called into question or give a vindictive woman the opportunity to accuse him of molestation.

We can pursue and investigate allegations of sexual misconduct prudently. We have to be very careful that while we clean house, we don’t sweep up the good men and cast them out. We must not believe every woman who calls out a man until we have indisputable evidence that he is guilty.

And if women are hell bound and determined to go down that road of assuming all men are guilty and all women are worthy, their husbands and sons will pay the price. Dear Ladies, be careful what you wish for.

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