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Who could have imagined that the once-upon-a-time golden state would have become a national haven for lawlessness? But it has. Despite its century-old reputation as the land of milk and honey, California is now the state which promulgates chaos and anti-American sentiment.

And nothing speaks to the lack of justice for all in California than yesterday’s “not guilty” verdict for Jose Garcia Zarate, the murderer of Kate Steinle. Zarate is a seven-time convicted felon and illegal alien whom has been deported five times, only to return to California.

He confessed to the crime of shooting Steinle, and his defense was merely “I didn’t mean too.” A seven time felon who is obviously a repeat offender and defies American law by “breaking in” to the country six times, wants us to believe that he shot a woman on a pier, threw the gun into the water and should be released back into society.

If that’s not crazy enough, the state of California has citizens serving as jurors who agree with Zarate and his lawyer. Once again, American citizens, namely the Steinle family, have their rights erased in favor of illegal people. BUILD THE WALL!

Adding insult to injury, Zarate’s arrogant defense lawyer, Matt Gonzales, made a mockery of the system by taunting President Trump and reminding the public that Trump, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions are under investigation.

Who cares that a two-bit criminal destroyed the lives of an American family by killing their daughter and sister? Gonzales is more concerned about the political war in Washington D.C and provoking the sitting president into a Twitter battle. I would assume that Gonzales is seeking some needed notoriety, and what better way to get it than to ridicule Trump. BUILD THE WALL!

The shooting of Kate Steinle occurred in San Francisco, the home of the anti-American Left. San Francisco is a sanctuary city and attracts illegals. Zarate may have only had a second grade mentality, but by gosh he was smart enough to make it to San Francisco six times and leach off of the American taxpayers.

The not-so-good citizens of California decided that a man with seven felonies, in addition to crossing the United States border six times illegally, should not be held accountable for killing an American girl. He even escaped a guilty verdict of manslaughter, only being cited for having a gun illegally.

And isn’t that typical of the left-wing gun control crowd? Get the guy for having a gun, but give him a pass on killing a young girl.

Schools in California are now abandoning the flying of the American flag so as not to offend immigrants. But the Mexican flag is welcomed. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has become lawless with its unconstitutional and irrational decisions. It would be fair to say that California is pursuing a path of communism as they have already accomplished their socialistic goals.

Defying the failing economy and Marxist culture, many Californians are pursuing the “secession” agenda. They want to be rid of Middle American influence within their state. They like the deviant culture and lifestyle that is being promoted by Hollywood. The motto of California should be, “We don’t need American values.”

San Francisco is not only a sanctuary city and the site of Kate Steinle’s murder, but it offers visitors and residents alike that good ole-fashioned promise of sexual promiscuity with kinky overtones. San Francisco offers nude dining where the customers actually dine a la birthday suit. In San Francisco restaurants, BYOB means “Bring your own bottle” of disinfectant. And don’t forget the butt wipes.

The state of California is letting a murderer walk free. They will deport him only to have him undoubtedly enter the country for the seventh time illegally and go onto the welfare system so that taxpayers can pay for his useless existence.

And I’m sure, just for good measure, Jose Garcia Zarate will be given a final warning when he is released, that being, “Next time you commit murder, we are going to lock you up for a long time. And we really mean it this time.”

California wants to secede, and I say, “Let them.” Heck, I say, “Pay them to leave.” We will all be better off if the miscreants have a nation of their own. Let them deal with each other.

But for now, out of respect for the Steinle family, BUILD THE DAMN WALL!

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