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Since President Trump took office, many establishment secrets have been disclosed. We have learned about many of the sexual predators in the “establishment” entertainment ” industry. And we have discovered that the predators’ identities were well known within celebrity circles.

The media sexual beasts of prey have been called out. Some are being identified while others are scrambling and hoping that their victims remain silent.

And then there is Washington D.C. The political establishment perverts are worst of all. These lawmakers were elected in good faith to represent the people, and they have used their power to accrue riches and sexual powers. Shamelessly, these Washington deviants have stolen American taxpayer dollars to pay off their victims, which is criminal.

But there is much more too the ugliness that has been below the surface in the media, Washington D.C, and Hollywood. There have been questionable deaths and cover ups.

One of President Trump’s most valuable resources in respect to fighting his enemies, is his wealth of knowledge regarding the secrets that have been hidden from the public. Trump, the man, is an outsider in regards to the establishment. He is only an insider with references to the business world. His fortune has brought him some influence within the establishment. But make no mistake about it. Donald Trump has been tolerated by the establishment because of his wealth and generosity.

Trump is shunned by the elite. But they have needed him, thus his relationship with Joe Scarborough and the other dregs of the establishment.

The average American is new to the political world. Most people have become interested in politics since the Obama administration ruled Washington with its Marxist iron fist. But they are uniformed as to the relationships and lives of the lawmakers, especially the career lawmakers.

There has been unfathomable wrongdoing in Washington since the presidency of Bill Clinton. Most Americans who knew haven’t cared, or should I say, haven’t cared enough. But the majority haven’t even paid attention. Laughably, those who became interested in the past few years have become experts without knowing the backgrounds and scandals following their leaders.

And this brings me to the Joe Scarborough scandal. Unbeknownst to the majority, Joe Scarborough was a United States Congressman in the late 1900s, a Republican no less. Scarborough suddenly resigned for no apparent reason other than that he wanted to spend more time with his children. Ah yes, the old, “I’m in trouble, so I’ll spend time with my family” excuse.

His resignation was mysterious as he had bold opportunities and ambition. And as we know now, Scarborough didn’t let his family stand in the way of an affair with Mika Brzezinski.

What the general public doesn’t know is that just months before his Congressional exit, Lori Klausutis, Scarborough’s 28 year old staffer, turned up dead in his office. Her death was caused by a blow to the head, which was said to have either been intentional or accidental. The doctor said she had an abnormal heart rhythm which could have caused her to fall hitting her head. Curiously, the family of Klausutis said that Lori was a healthy and avid runner and had no knowledge of any abnormalities regarding her heart.

Dr. Michael Berkland, who performed Klausutis’ autopsy, has been suggested to be mentally incompetent and did not put a cause of death on the autopsy report. Berkland is now facing felony charges for an unrelated case in which human remains have been found in his storage unit.

Klausutis’ death was overshadowed by the news coverage of the Chandra Levy case. Levy was an intern and lover of Democrat Congressman Gary Condit. She disappeared while jogging.

So to Scarborough’s good fortune, the heat and spotlight were on Gary Condit. Condit refused to resign but lost his election. Scarborough resigned and went on to become a national media figure.

Chandra Levy’s remains were found a year after her disappearance but the case remains cold. Unfortunately for Scarborough, President Trump has tweeted that it is time for the unsolved mysterious death of Lori Klausutis to be investigated.

OUCH JOE! Just ouch! What did you know, and when did you know it?

Donald Trump has been an establishment outsider, but the elites included him just enough to use him to their advantage. They needed his money. They wanted donations to their campaigns, their foundations, and their blossoming careers.

So, they had to allow Trump on the inside just long enough to profit from his fame and fortune. And it was a bitter pill for them to swallow.

While on the inside, Trump took mental notes. He knows things. He knows many things, and he doesn’t divulge what he knows until he needs to play a wild card. So while Robert Mueller and the Deep State continue with their assaults, Trump remains calm because of what he knows.

What Trump knows is why the Establishment has been so hysterical. Granted they don’t like him, because he lacks their phony style of sophistication. But it’s what he can tell that scares them the most.

And Joe Scarborough may be just about to find out exactly what it is about Lori Klausutis’ death that his old pal Donald Trump knows!

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