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Soon-to-be United States ex-Senator Jeff Flake just can’t overcome his bitterness as a swamp creature being drained from the Washington swamp. He continues to inject his worthless progressive sentiment into the national conversation, even though his representation was rejected by his own constituents.

It is true that people with inflated egos have difficulty stepping down from the stage. Responding to President Trump’s declaration at a Pensacola rally that our system is rigged, Flake tweeted, “This is not a sick system, Mr. President, nor is it a rigged system. Let’s not sow distrust in our democrat institutions.”

Oh Puhleeze! It is not Trump that has sown distrust in the democratic institutions. It is Flake and thousands of other Washington elite power players who have twisted and distorted the rule of law to cover up their corruption.

Hey Mr. Flake, what do you call a system which allows for a hush fund that provides lawmakers, who are sexual predators, with taxpayer money to pay off their victims? And what do we call a system where presidential candidates of both parties are chosen by the elite insiders? The word democratic doesn’t come to mind.

Both parties routinely choose their candidates prior to the presidential primaries. Republican voters were informed, prior to their voting, that George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush would be their nominees respectively. In truth it was Trump’s interference with their established process of ruling the people and stealing our choices that inflamed their hatred for the man who broke the rule and turned the tables.

Likewise Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party cheated Bernie Sanders from any real opportunity to defeat her at the polls. Clinton’s obvious nervous breakdown after her loss was a direct result of her disbelief that the rigged system had failed her. Considering the tightness of the polls, Trump’s win was not unimaginable, and had the system not been rigged, the woman responsible for the deaths of four men in Benghazi would have not been as dumbfounded by her loss.

How did this breakdown in the rigged system occur when it was her turn to get what she coveted more than anything in the world, that being the title of the most powerful woman in the world? Her sick mind just could not absorb the reality of losing what was an engineered campaign to discredit Trump through a corrupt media.

And how is it that our lawmakers enter Congress as upper middle class citizens only to become millionaires on a two hundred thousand dollar salary? Two hundred thousand dollars is a comfortable income, but it doesn’t make a millionaire. In my book, suddenly becoming a millionaire after moving to Washington D.C., implies the ultimate in corruption.

Congressmen can get by with insider trading, but the common man goes to jail. Just ask Martha Stewart how that works. Congressmen can opt out of bad laws they make for the people. We don’t need to look any further than Obamacare for evidence of their self-anointed supremacy.

Jeff Flake went to Washington by presenting himself as a conservative Tea Party candidate. Once there he betrayed the people who put him in office and became a flaming progressive establishment hack. And he wonders why We the People might believe the system is rigged.

Congressman Charlie Rangel owed millions of dollars in taxes through deliberate acts of hiding income and was brought before the House Ethics committee. It was all formality. Rangel should have been expelled. But he wasn’t. He was merely censured. No biggie. Had any of us, the common man, cheated the IRS, we would have landed in jail.

When Barack Obama chose Timothy Geithner as his Treasury Secretary, it became open to the public that Geithner had failed to pay tens of thousands in federal taxes. There were no repercussions and Geithner got the position despite his lack of honesty regarding the money. And this was the guy who would be in charge of the nation’s money.

Any American who had refused to cooperate with the FBI and had deleted, scrubbed, and whitewashed emails from her computer after being ordered to surrender them to the authorities, would go to prison and cited for obstruction of justice, at the very least. Yet Hillary Clinton walks free. And her email scandal is probably the most innocuous of her many crimes.

We watched as James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing in the email scandal before the investigation was completed.

And Jeff Flake is trying to convince us that our system is not rigged and that it is Trump that has sown distrust in the democratic institutions. What a joke.

Jeff Flake, like all people on the Left, believes we are stupid. What person in their right mind would not believe that this system is not rigged and corrupt, Mr. Flake? Only those who benefit from it, and that would be you.

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