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We read the script before they made the movie. The Left’s sudden disgust for sexual predators is as transparent as a Hollywood actress’s red carpet dress. The years of overlooking the sexual aggressions of Harvey Weinstein, many of which were criminal, and Matt Lauer, which were acknowledged by all that knew him, tell the story of celebrities and media who didn’t give a damn about women.

And then there was John Conyers and the Congressional taxpayer-funded hush fund for paying off the victims of our lawmakers who were busy adjusting their zippers while bills like Obamacare went to vote without even being read by the lawmakers. The “Perverts Are Us” crowd was too busy having fun and making real deals, the kind of deals responsible for turning middle class congressmen into wealthy corruptocrats.

Senator Kirsten Gillenbrand’s recent decision to turn on the perverts in politics could not have been more conspicuous. The woman, who paraded as Bill and Hillary Clinton’s friend for decades, suddenly had an epiphany overnight. It was like a lightning bolt hit, and Gillenbrand unexpectedly said to herself and the media, “Oh my gosh. What was I thinking? Bill Clinton should have stepped down from office all of those years ago.”

And from that moment on, Kirsten has made it her passion and priority to rid Washington D.C. of the perverts. Gillenbrand is launching herself as the inspirational hero behind every sexually abused woman.

Gillenbrand’s abrupt leave-taking as a Clinton pal is two-fold. By making herself the congressional leader of the “get the dirty men” campaign in the swampland, she charts a course for a presidential run in the not-so-distant future. She has found the platform to make “Kirsten Gillenbrand” a household name.

But more importantly, she has created a pathway to the Oval Office. Her sudden concern for women is nothing more than a ploy to nail President Trump.

Gillenbrand doesn’t want Al Franken stepping down, nor does she think that Clinton should have resigned. Acknowledging that Clinton should have stepped down is harmless rhetoric. It changes nothing.

She is willing to sacrifice Franken for the cause, but Franken hasn’t left yet, and I will be surprised if he does. I expect him to announce that he will leave Washington when Trump steps down.

Conyers is an old man. His behaviors had become so bizarre that he was even attending meetings with his staffers in his underwear. And his district will send another left-wing Democrat to Washington. No big loss with Conyers. His time was about up anyway.

But Franken is another story. Franken stole his senate seat from Norm Coleman in Minnesota. He lost the election but used George Soros money to challenge every Coleman vote. They rejected military ballots and the recount went wildly and abnormally in Franken’s favor. Filling his seat with another democrat could be difficult.

And then there’s “Me Too.” Sorry ladies, but “Me Too” is just another shining example of the Left’s vision of women as emotional fools. The “Me Too” movement is just a hashtag which promotes left-wing causes. Conservative women may think they are supporting victimized women, but they are not.

This is a typical Democrat strategy. They create a meaningless slogan or hashtag and get women to sign on. Do you remember Michelle Obama’s “#Bring Back Our Girls”? It was a worthless, hollow talking point referring to the kidnapped Nigerian school girls. Thousand of girls have been and are still being kidnapped as sex slaves around the world, and suddenly Obama is concerned.

Obama was doing nothing more than pushing the global cause as she referred to the girls as global girls and “our girls.” Her hashtag was a publicity stunt and a great photo op.

Democrats play to emotions and stupidity. They need emotionally-driven voters who cannot separate facts from emotion.

When the Democrats appear to be heading towards a moral epicenter, they are always onto a new Alinsky game. They are not moral and never will be. They just expect you to fall for it, because Yes, Virginia, they do think you are that stupid.

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