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It all depends on who you listen to, but the question lingers, “Is President Trump going soft on immigration control?” Tucker Carlson, a pro-American citizen advocate, expressed concerns over what he perceives to be a softening on Trump’s tough DACA stance. On his show last night, Carlson shared clips of the bipartisan group of both House and Senate members.

To give credibility to Tucker’s concerns, Jeb Bush tweeted support for Trump’s DACA “Bill of Love.” Lindsey Graham offered overwhelming praise for Trump’s leadership in the White House meeting which would lend additional credence to the possibility that Trump’s base may indeed rebuke any efforts for DACA amnesty.

To be sure, the Democrats attempted to gain control of the immigration debate when both Diane Feinstein and Steny Hoyer pushed the agenda of amnesty for DACA before tackling border control and immigration reform issues.

But will Trump’s “Bill of Love” result in an outpouring of political affection for the dwindling middle class American citizen or the millions of children brought to the country illegally? Would not a “Bill of Love” be more appropriate for the children of legal citizens than lawbreakers?

According to Sean Hannity and his release of videos highlighting the White House meeting, Trump was in control of the bipartisan group as he promised to negotiate the immigration problem which is crucial to American sovereignty. Trump undeniably clarified his insistence on a border wall and an end to chain and lottery migration as well as the catch and release programs.

In addition to Trump’s command of the meeting, the president scored a twofer as he obliterated any notion that he was incapable of governing and leading the congressional body. Any rumors or contrived notions that this president is mentally ill were laid to rest as he handily and professionally led the lawmakers in what was a compatible first effort at confronting the immigration issue.

But let’s not fool ourselves. The look of unease on the faces of the Democrats was all too transparent. They held no control in the meeting that Trump so brilliantly allowed to be televised, and their lack of spirit was caught on camera. The only way that the Democrats will play ball is if they own the ball and maintain possession of it 100% of the time. There are no other options for the Democrats.

Democrats will never be willing participants in stopping illegal immigration. They can’t if they want their party to survive. They must bring in hordes of people that can become dependent on the system. They rely on illegals to boost their voting constituency, because working Americans are readily dropping off of their party roster. Without the illegals, the Democrat Party dissolves. So, they will not compromise unless their concessions are both minimal and microscopic.

During the portions of the conference that I watched, I noticed there was no mention of assimilation. Assimilation is key to all and any forms of immigration. It is a lack of assimilation that has led to the balkanization of the American people. Any immigration reform must include a strong reference and dedication to assimilation policies.

We cannot survive as a country when we import foreign cultures along with both the illegal and legal immigrants. We cannot tolerate the culture clash which rivals the American culture rooted in Judeo-Christian principles. Assimilation must be an ingredient in the melting pot.

It is unclear as of now as to President Trump’s intentions regarding DACA amnesty. Deporting all of the DACA individuals is irrational. But there must be consequences. And it must be acknowledged that these consequences are not visited upon the DACA crowd by uncaring Americans. They are the result of the actions of their unlawful parents. The sins of the fathers do visit their children. And lawmakers cannot change that reality.

Trump’s base will nevertheless hold their breath over the next few months as he takes to the table the winning issue of his presidency. The big beautiful wall must be built if Trump is to preserve his base and win a second term. The borders must be secured, or he will go down in the history books as a failed president.

Despite any conservative wins this president incurs, regardless of a consistent booming economy and low unemployment, and notwithstanding the possible denuclearization of North Korea, Donald Trump will be a one term president if he caves on his immigration promises.

On the brighter side, my forecast cautiously calls for a cluster of negotiation clouds and a little disappointing drizzle before the skies clear and the wall is built. Without the wall and without fulfilling his campaign immigration promises, Trump cannot be a winner. And winning is of the utmost importance to the man in the Oval Office.

He loses himself if he loses his base. But even among his own constituency, he can’t please everyone. Now, it’s a waiting game.

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