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Is anybody really surprised that Trump referred to the third world countries as “shitholes?” It was classic Trump. Love him or hate him, he isn’t going to change. But let’s also put it in perspective. He was in a meeting with lawmakers who use the “f” word as often as they use the word “and” or “but.” He was not speaking publicly.

And let’s also look at the reality of the situation. Donald Trump was elected president to protect the national security of the United States, which entails protecting the economic integrity of the nation as well as the well being of the citizens. And as painful as that might seem to many on the Left, that would included the overburdened, tax-paying, working American.

“Shithole” is mild considering what I have been reading in comments on social media. Does anyone remember what John McCain said following his historical betrayal of conservatives when he voted against legislation which would reign in Obamacare? With a thumbs up, McCain was caught on camera saying, “F**k Yeah!” And where was the public and media outrage?

Or maybe someone remembers when Joe Biden declared on an open mic at the signing of Obamacare, “This is a big fu**ing deal.” And then there was the time that Dick Cheney said to Patrick Leahy on the senate floor, “Go f**k yourself.”

Newsflash, but this is the way these guys talk ALL THE TIME BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But you need to understand that it’s okay for them to say it, because they are Establishment. They are insiders. Trump, however, is scrutinized unmercifully for saying the very same things that they all say.

Whosoever has the impression that the members of Congress hold dignified meetings with honorable and stately etiquette are woefully mistaken. And not one person in the room was shocked or offended by Trump’s reference to the third world countries as “shitholes.” They were just stunned that he had the cajones to say it in a forum where it would be reported.

The countries Trump referenced are indeed “shitholes.” And anyone who denies that fact is either lying or so obsessed with political correctness that they are delusional. But acknowledging that these countries are rattraps is not disrespecting the people of the countries.

Third world countries are not third world because of the color of the citizens’ skin. They are hellholes, because they have corrupt dictators who steal the financial aid that America and her allies annually bestow upon them.

Trump spoke the truth, but in the “lets get Trump” Swamp, his words were fodder for the carnivorous media and his detractors.

Seriously, is it so bad for the POTUS to put American citizens ahead of the global agenda? Why in the “hell” should this nation continue to import foreigners who more often than not end up on the welfare roles and become a burden to the taxpayers?

It’s no secret that the third world countries send their inmates, their unskilled, and their mentally ill to America. They want these people to become America’s problem. They are “unloading” their undesirables.

Those Americans who are still struggling with their computational skills cannot comprehend that money is finite. We cannot sink our own boat with the indigents of the world. This truth is not a difficult concept.

President Trump has a nationalist agenda, which is “Americans first.” His goal is to set policy which will benefit Americans, not the global community. He wants our immigration reform to target individuals which will help America by bringing skills to contribute to the American society.

Trump doesn’t have a filter. Nine times out of ten he says what he thinks. But nine times out of ten he’s right. And he is right about the third world countries.

But I will admit, the political theater is entertaining. Trump is Trump. He merely says what the rest of us know to be true, and the gasping for air begins.

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  1. I’ve been to a lot of these 3rd world countries the President spoke of. The President is correct they are “Shitholes”. The politically correct though can’t bring themselves to speak the truth though even though they know it’s true.

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