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Lindsey Graham issued a statement yesterday in which he said, “I have always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals.” And then he continued to promote his liberal diversity rhetoric.

Graham continued by stating that the American ideals are embraced by people all over the globe. Umm, apparently not enough, Lindsey, or their countries would not be such a mess. Of course, such gestures of grand consideration for all of the people of the world makes wonderful sound bites for CNN, MSNBC, and the other fake news outlets, but make no mistake about it, Graham’s hyperbole is just more liberal balderdash.

And Graham is dead wrong! America is defined by her people. Lindsey Graham knows better. His political theater is nothing more than dramatic attention-getting claptrap used to capture his desired role as the new Republican guru to replace the outgoing anti-Trump mouthpiece John McCain.

It is the American people that formulate and defend her ideals. The ideals of a nation do not remain consistent if the values of the people who live there fluctuate. And a pluralistic society, in particular, must carefully guard the ideals as laid down by its forefathers.

An influx of people who do not incorporate hard work, individualism, Judeo-Christian principles, and love of country, cannot and will not pursue or protect the ideals that were set forth by the Founders.

We the People cannot be subverted to “We, Some of the People.” Diversity is virtuous until it begins to tear at the fabric of the American culture. When the Judeo-Christian values of the western culture are subjected to assault by our political class in their attempts to win pleasure with immigrants who wish to live in an America which reflects their homeland, diversity becomes an obstacle, not an advantage.

Diversity is ethical and moralistic, but only as long as it benefits a society. When it becomes a barrier to the continuance of a harmonious society, and when it conflicts with the values and traditions of the existing society, it becomes an enemy to the citizens.

Saturating a floundering social construct with additional immigrants who have little chance of contributing to the community, and instead, will bring about a glaring burden upon people who are struggling to maintain their own financial existence, is just down right stupid. It isn’t compassionate to drown yourself.

The American Left, to which Lindsey Graham serves, has become delusional in its mindset to elevate anyone. They exist only to pull everyone, except the elite, down to a substandard lifestyle. And there is no argument to the reality that immigrating unskilled, low-skilled, prisoners, and the mentally ill will devastate American law enforcement and taxpayers, as well as the educational and healthcare systems.

Mass immigration from third world countries will bring in people who not only don’t embrace American ideals, but who don’t even comprehend the values of ideals. It will bring generational cycles of more welfare and more Democrat voters.

But Senator Graham already knows that.

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