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The unwarranted hostility for President Trump has reached epic proportions. Regardless of what this president does or says, he is ground zero for verbal missile attacks which are indeed nuclear. And for all of the supercilious rhetoric that Trump is mentally unfit for the office of the presidency, I will challenge that there are few men who are as mentally fit as Donald Trump.

Any man who can continue on with the business at hand, which routinely entails making thousands of critical decisions, while being scrutinized and assaulted from all corners of the nation, deserves an award, not daily bombardment from a demolition crew.

He cannot even speak openly and freely in a “closed door” meeting with 5 grown men without one of the elected leaders accusing him of political incorrectness and tattling to the press with phony indignation.

President Trump’s eccentric personality may be annoying to many, but it does not imply mental illness. His aggressive nature is a trait which catapulted him into the archives of successful entrepreneurs.

His tweets are genius. He has single-handedly implemented a method that allows him to get his message out without being misquoted by the media. Trump manipulates his detractors with his oftentimes rude tweets, forcing them to expose their own biases.

The average man will avoid a political confrontation, because these arguments are tough and stressful. Most people will stifle their own personal opinions rather than to risk a few people disliking them, because it’s strenuous and bothersome.

It takes a great deal of emotional strength to combat the harmful and hateful feelings that your political enemies emit directly to you. And it takes enormous emotional strength to be marginalized by millions and stand alone.

President Trump watches and listens as millions of threatening and hurtful sentiments are hurled at him every minute of every day. It is not possible for a man to withstand such a personal invasion and onslaught without being confident and aware of his own mental acuity. His cognitive abilities are conditioned to withstand a wrecking ball.

But as Trump continues to deflect the incoming attacks, the Left becomes more and more frantic and unstable. It is the Democrats and NeverTrumpers who are emotionally weak and unable to contain their hatred, even in a public forum. Their obsessions with Trump and every single breath he takes is a psychological disorder.

Any person or group of people who are driven by their hatred for another person or persons is traveling the path of madness. Perhaps, it is a form of mob madness, but it persists. These people don’t have to be gathered together in public arena to display mob madness. They have perfected the disorder and can demonstrate their overwhelming and illogical hatred for President Trump from their own recliner.

Just in the past few days, the Left spun into a frenzy, because Trump “supposedly” used the word “sh*thole” in reference to third world countries. The fake news media outlets went into overdrive as they cried, screamed, and ranted across the networks. NeverTrumper Rick Wilson even threatened the lone conservative Trump defender on a CNN panel by threatening “I’ll gut you like a fish.” Wilson is the embodiment of insanity.

After the incompetent authorities in Hawaii frightened the Hawaii residents yesterday with a false incoming ballistic missile warning, Hawaii’s Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard blamed President Trump for the incident, and MSNBC pushed the lie.

From the west coast celebrities and their threats to either assassinate or punch Trump out to the screwball east coast’s Chris Cuomo writing out the word “sh*thole” on his CNN television program, because he didn’t want his kids to hear it, the Left continues to break its own psychotic sound barrier.

And as the vile left-wing activists post their “f**k Trump” comments, they condemn Trump’s alleged language. Obama invited rappers, who used horrendous language, into the White House to perform. But in the minds of the demented Trump-haters, Obama was merely engaging in art.

The Left has a love affair with vulgar language, but they want to kill Trump if he is assumed to have used it in a private setting. Is this the characteristic of mentally stable individuals? Hardly!

President Trump intentionally pushes the buttons of the Left. It is by design that the Left has manifested its delirious nudity. He has outsmarted these lunatics all along the way, and he has done it by himself.

The collective lid-flippers from the loony Left cannot even maneuver the mental shrewdness of one man. And they want us to believe that it is our president with the mental problem.

Liberalism is a mental illness. And we know now that when it goes untreated for decades, it become a lethal force to reckon with.

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