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Today on CNN’s “Face the Nation” Utah’s Republican Congresswoman Mia Love found her opportunity to grab some national attention as she demanded an apology from President Trump for the already debunked “sh*thole” comment in a closed door immigration meeting with 5 lawmakers.

Love, who is the first Republican black congresswoman, wasted no time in saddling up with the Republican “I Hate Trump” Posse. Love is the daughter of Haitian immigrants, and the left-wing of the GOP no doubt had Love on their radar as they searched for a victim of Trump’s alleged comment which has already been disproven as Dick Durbin, the tattler has been identified as a repeat liar.

But the validity of the Trump comment makes no difference as truth has no place in the Washington Establishment or with its Deep State allies. Deception and corruption are just a conventional way of life for the nation’s elite.

Certainly Ms. Love is quite taken with the attention of the establishment big leaguers who are unquestionably treating her as queen for the day as they indulge her and tell her just how much they really care. I can hear Lindsey Graham now, “Hey, Flake, does anyone have Mia Love’s name on speed dial? We need to call in a favor.”

Being dishonorable is nothing new to Love. The Tea Party in Utah endorsed her but she swiftly distanced herself from them as Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan put some of their eggs in her basket and campaigned for her. “Let’s see,” said Mia. “The Tea Party or the swamp rats?” And she went with the rats.

According to Love, Trump is a racist. She has dismissed all of the denials of the alleged comment by Trump himself, the very dignified Tom Cotton, and Senator David Perdue. And she’s going with the racist story.

Love told CNN that she knows the comments were made, but she doesn’t know the context, because she wasn’t in the room. Call me detailed for examining the specifics, but if she doesn’t know the context of the comment, because she wasn’t in the room, then she sure as hell doesn’t know for sure the comments were made, because once again, she wasn’t in the room.

Dear Mia, you were either in the room and know everything that occurred, or you weren’t in the room and know nothing that occurred. But you can’t have it both ways. You know what was said and the context or you know nothing. And in Love’s case it is nothing.

But I understand, Mia. It sure feels good being noticed by the powerful players in Washington, for the moment.

Love stated to CNN that she is looking forward to finding out what happened, so we can fix the problem. Well how about this, Ms. Love. How about you save your demand for an apology until you KNOW what happened? Is that too much to ask a Washington lawmaker?

Mia Love is either not very bright, loving the attention from the media, or just another weak elected official with a debt to pay off. But in any of those cases she has made her bed, and she is sleeping with the bad guys, and she is never to be trusted again.

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