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If you haven’t figured it out by now, get ready to put on your thinking cap. The accusation of the sh*thole comment attributed to President Trump this weekend was a blatant orchestrated attempt by his detractors to gain the upper hand in the immigration debate. The Left, including Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell and other establishment creatures, are always searching for a clever plan to gain control of the immigration negotiations.

And no, I am not saying that hundreds of establishment swamprats were gathering to launch a covert mission to upend the immigration talks. But I am saying that dozens if not hundreds of these deceptive and unethical lawmakers are brainstorming each and every day for ways to overthrow Trump.

Whether Dick Durbin spontaneously contrived his accusations against Trump while sitting in the meeting or had intentionally designed his conversation to employ Trump in a session of rough language is both irrelevant and unknown. But this is a mark my words moment. “Sh*thole Gate” is about forcing Trump to prove that he is not a racist by opening the immigration floodgates to third world countries.

Understand and understand it clearly; the Democrats want immigrants on the American welfare roles. They prefer unskilled laborers, mentally ill individuals, and inmates, who are expelled from their own third world nations, to the educated people of modernized nations. Needy, uneducated people are much easier to control. In addition to the grooming of Democrat voters, the Left prefers a weaker, tax-burdened middle class of Americans who are so busy working to care for the burgeoning underclass that they have no time to involve themselves in the fight.

It’s not an accident that the Left is far more organized than the Right. The Left employs the non-working class to demonstrate, rabble rouse, and make grand appearances for media photo ops. The working family man and woman have little time for political involvement. And the Left wins by default.

Democrats never compromise in good faith. They always have an angle. “Sh*thole Gate” is the catalyst that the Left hopes will bring Trump to his knees on immigration to prove he isn’t a racist.

They have aspired to shame Trump into caving to their demands of giving immigration preference to third world country individuals. When the Left and NeverTrumpers, who prop up the Left, continue to harangue the public with their persistent accusations of racism, pressure is put upon Trump to prove he isn’t a racist. And what better way to prove you aren’t a racist than opening the floodgates of America to people of color from third world countries.

But we know President Trump is not a racist. Rand Paul has publicly stated that not only is Trump not a racist, but that Trump financed his trip to Haiti to restore the vision of 200 Haitians. Let it be known that working together Paul and Trump gave the gift of sight to 200 people of color in Haiti. The cost of that trip and surgeries would have cost Trump a dramatic sum of money.

Elsewhere, at the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Hillary Clinton are busy counting the billions of dollars that they stole from the Haitian people. And listen to the absence of the media, congressional, or public outcry.

Being called a racist is synonymous with being told “You’re the devil.” The term “racist” has been purposefully exploited to be a snare for anyone who doesn’t follow the left-wing agenda. And it has worked as planned.

Hopefully, President Trump understands the intent of the allegations against him and doubles down on his efforts to derail the immigration trap which has been set for him.

In the meantime, he needs prayers. These people are vicious and have no intentions of ever giving up on their efforts to put Trump out of the White House, by any means necessary.

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