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If you have any kind of sense of humor at all, you couldn’t have helped but get a good chuckle from the White House press briefing yesterday with President Trump’s physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. The collective crestfallen expressions on the faces of the White House reporters was, if not priceless, circus-ready.

Dr. Jackson informed the anxious gang of pseudo-journalists that President Trump is in excellent health both physically and mentally. Disbelief and disappointment marked the crowd as they struggled to accept the good doctor’s glowing review of Trump’s overall wellness.

The thought, “surely, Dr. Jackson misspoke” was conveyed through their questions and body language. And the inquiries were hilarious as these mental midgets of mainstream media grappled with the reality that this president would very unlikely be dying from natural causes any time in the near future.

Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin couldn’t even hide her glaring mortification as she asked for Trump’s life expectancy. What she was really wanting to ask was, “You mean he’s going to live for another 7 years?”

Other questions included information regarding Trump’s waist circumference, weight, and teeth. One idiot asked if Trump wore dentures. Obviously, criteria for gaining access to the White House as a reporter nowadays doesn’t involve cognition. Dentures? Why would a billionaire wear dentures when he could have dental implants? But forgive me for my expectations of critical thought from the mainstream media members.

I must remind myself that these left-wing reporters were completely distraught by the news that our president is physically and mentally fit for the job. They were still recoiling from the devastating news.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was particularly indignant as he kept pressing Dr. Jackson for information that was being withheld. He kept prodding Jackson for something tangible that he could use to declare Trump unfit, but the doctor assured him that Trump was in top shape.

Naturally, the political incorrectness of Trump’s diet entered the discussion as reporters hustled to ask how Trump could be healthy on a diet of McDonalds and diet cokes. Jackson’s response of Trump’s good genes was just another letdown.

As I looked at the faces and listened to the questions of the White House press corps, I had to wonder, where are the professionals? Where are the unbiased, principled journalists looking for the truth and not dedicated to their own malignant political persuasion?

But most importantly, I had to acknowledge that our media has become so unhinged and corrupted that they can’t even hide the fact that they are disappointed that our president, the leader of the free world, will not die any time soon.

Even for the media, that’s a new low.

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