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A devastating FISA memo that will expose Obama and send corrupt lawmakers and Washington players to jail is threatening to rock the nation. Approximately 50-60 House members have seen the “FISA abuse” report, and many of them are calling for the release of the documents.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter is urging that the information be released to the public now. Sean Hannity and his team of professionals, who have been following the case from the onset, warn that the sting operation against the Trump team is a threat to our democracy.

According to former United States Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, the abuse of power and police state tactics of the Obama administration, the FBI leadership, and the DOJ, are too flagrant and egregious for a successful mainstream media coverup.

Democrats are in a full-fledged panic mode as they anticipate the storm that their party of tyranny is getting ready to take on. But from all reports, battening down the hatches is useless, because this squall comes complete with its own twister.

Perhaps the call by Maxine Waters and other money-for-nothing democrats to boycott Trump’s State of the Union Address is about more than just a display of their unhappiness over immigration. I can foresee Trump calling out the wrongdoers in this national address. He has that much chutzpah.

But gleeful Conservatives need to curtail their expectations, because there is a reality that we must acknowledge. The Democrats simply don’t care about the truth. They don’t care if their leaders are corrupt and will do anything imaginable to maintain power and wealth.

In addition, the mainstream media is so vicious and unscrupulous that whatever information is revealed will be whitewashed to conceal the truth. Conservatives are naïve to believe that the fake news media will report anything but the pages from the democrat playbook.

However, I firmly believe that there is a point when evil people can no longer run amok. We are promised that evil is always defeated, but we just don’t know the timetable.

Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton was defeated despite the conservative consensus that she was untouchable. We have witnessed Hillary’s downfall. Her dream of being America’s first woman president will never be attained. She has realized that reality, and begun her descent into a dark and inglorious abyss that is perceived to be her own personal hell. And now she is running from a possible prison sentence.

Will this four page memo, which is touted as being as significant as the Pentagon Papers, be the catalyst for the unraveling of the fake news media and Democrat Party? Or will the Democrat Party, which holds the truth in contempt, shrug off all evidence and pursue their wicked agenda with fury?

I am cautious in my hopes that finally the truth is revealed and the demons from the Left are exposed. But I am confident that if the media covers for these criminals in this matter, the memo will be the catalyst that changed our present civil war into an explosive “uncivil war.”

If the truth is denied, and these criminals walk, things are about to get really ugly!

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