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I think it would be accurate to say that the Democrats stepped in it this time. The incredible government shutdown, sponsored by congressional Democrats, is a slap in the face to every law-abiding American citizen. And in particular it is an intolerable affront to our military, our vets, and other government employees who are dependent on government payroll.

It is implausible that the Democrat Marxist Party would be so transparent and brazen to disrespect Americans and prefer to assist lawbreakers who have invaded this nation. And the deceptive Dick Durbin openly acknowledged that he is 100% fully committed to DACA.

Jim Acosta and other math flunkies on the Left do not quite understand that 100% of one thing leaves nothing for another. So, Durbin confesses that he isn’t concerned about what is fair and advantageous for Americans. His loyalties, in his own words, lie completely with foreigners who illegally came into the United States.

And then along comes Chuckie Schumer, another unprincipled Democrat playing to his illiterate and know-nothing base. Pushing amnesty in exchange for keeping the government open, the Democrats are exposed as radical, petty, and unreasonable ideologues. Nancy Pelosi enhances the melodrama by icing the shutdown cake with a celebratory dinner for the Democrats. Only indecent people celebrate an occasion when thousands of Americans have just been notified that they will not be receiving their paychecks.

But the Democrats have miscalculated their political ploy to legalize millions of would-be Democrat voters. The arrogance of former Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts to celebrate their decision of denying our military their paychecks while grandstanding and lifting up lawbreakers is breathtakingly defiant to America’s citizens. And it deepens the resentment for these Democrat elites who work for a totalitarian state.

Schumer, whom I believe was unprepared for the fallout from the shutdown, has deflected the argument by asserting that the shutdown is a result of President Trump’s so-called “S**thole” comment. The suggestion that the deliberate interruption of government business is a consequence of Trump’s vulgarity is wildly incomprehensible and ludicrous.

The Democrat Party is drifting father and farther away from real Americans. The base is a far-left body of uninformed and mind-controlled useful idiots. They make up a fringe party which has continued to have relevance thanks to an ideological media equipped with its own left-wing sycophants pushing their propaganda to the unsuspecting masses.

As the fake news media continues to be debunked as enemies of the Republic, the democrat message becomes muddled. The anti-American trinity known as the media, Hollywood, and the Washington elite have been struggling to regain their footing since the election of Donald Trump.

Shutting down the government was a reckless maneuver, but the impetuous Democrats are irrational and have been saved from themselves by the corrupt media so many times that they have drastically underestimated the average American’s disgust with their treacherous betrayal of American sovereignty.

Schumer’s proclamation to reopen the “s**thole’ comment underscores his blatant stupidity. The Democrat Party overplayed their strip poker hand, and now we can see their totalitarian nakedness.

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  1. I’ve been in some of these s***hole countries, primarily in central and south america and could not agree with the president more. If you carefully examine his supposed comments, he did not call the people that name, he essentially called the countries they come from that. Guess what, it is an accurate description.
    I have been there, I have seen the open sewage, the horrible living conditions, the oppressive governments (seems like our country is becoming more like this every day) so I know from where I speak. There is a new hat making the rounds these days, ala the MAGA hat but this one says make America a S***hole
    vote democrat

    How appropriate.

    Keep it up

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