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Some say that the State of the Union Speech last night was Reaganesque. But I say it was “Pure” Trump. True to form, President Donald Trump dismissed the obligatory deference to political correctness and forged ahead with his message as only Trump can do it.

Amidst media speculation that Trump was going to be seeking bipartisan approval for his agenda, Trump defied their expectations and pushed forward with his “America First” agenda. And oh how depressing his pro-America message was for the Democrats.

The scowls on the faces of the anti-American Democrats were admittedly, quite entertaining. But most importantly, they told the story of a party which held no respect for heroic actions, no sympathy for the parents of children killed by illegals, no appreciation for the lowering of the black unemployment rate, no reverence for the national anthem, no recognition for American exceptionalism, and only animus for the hard-working middle class American citizen.

President Trump entered the House Chambers with confidence which can only come from personal convictions to hold true to his promises. Despite the many criticisms which can be laid at the feet of Trump, he holds true to his pledge to put America first. When you know that you are pursuing an honorable mission, you exude courage, poise, and tenacity.

Aside from the Marxist Democrats and corrupt media, the underlying enemy of the American people is political correctness. PC is the bandwagon that the Marxists always climb aboard to undermine the democratic process. It is the weapon that the Left always uses to control speech and actions of those who counter their totalitarian movement.

President Donald J. Trump is the paradox of all things politically correct. He is a contradiction to everything that the Left has planned for the takedown of America. And he defiantly opposes all attempts the Establishment has made to force him into the politically correct box.

It is for this reason that the American Left has become a deranged crowd of foolish but dangerous sycophants. They know and have always known that Donald Trump the man is hard-core politically incorrect. And they are reminded of his political incorrectness every time he takes to his Twitter and sends out a tweet.

Trump speaks his mind which is something that is intolerable in the Land of the Lost Left. Only language that is defined and appropriated by the elite globalists is allowed in the public forum. Not only does Trump ignore the fascist rules illegally implemented by the autocratic politically correct crowd, but he deliberately parades his rebellious spirit.

The NeverTrumpers who continue to bemoan President Trump’s unconventional and often rude reactions to left-wing attacks have not yet comprehended that spitting in the eye of political correctness gives Conservatives the advantage in what is and what has always been a psychological war between the Left and Right.

President Trump’s first State of the Union speech was promoted as a bipartisan hand across the ideological aisle. Typically, the media got it wrong.

Trump was insubmissive to the dictates of the pious media and ideologues. He was daring and aggressive as he sent an indirect message to the NFL, just days before the Super Bowl, denouncing those who slander and disrespect the national anthem and American flag.

He boldly introduced parents of children killed by illegals and pushed his merit-based immigration reform program which highlights immigrants who want to love America and be a part of the American experience. In what can only be described as bizarre behavior for American lawmakers, the Democrats scowled in Trump’s push for pro-American immigrants.

Trump is Reaganesque in his boldness and his conservative message. While Reagan had to fend off the increasing politically correct trend, Trump has had to manage and repel the exponential monster of political correctness.

And fighting the evil of social engineering, which has been nourished by political correctness, requires a tenacious president with little concern for protocol and decorum.

Ronald Reagan would have applauded President Trump’s first State of the Union Speech. But let’s give President Trump his due accolades. Last night’s speech was Trump’s. It was politically incorrect and Pure Trump.

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