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Trey Gowdy announced today that he will be not be running for re-election and will return to his life in the justice system of his South Carolina hometown. This news, no doubt, comes as a disappointment to many others besides myself. For it is Gowdy who came onto the scene as a true patriot with the brilliant presence of mind to recognize the enemies of the republic.

Trey is inarguably the most articulate and eloquent member of not only Congress, but the entire political establishment. Aside from his extraordinary intelligence, he radiates a decency that is uncommon in the swamp. His instincts are razor-sharp, and his interrogations are performed with the precision of a scalpel-wielding surgeon.

When the Founders so meticulously framed the blueprint for this great republic, they unequivocally peered into the future and conceptualized men like Trey Gowdy as future lawmakers and leaders. Unfortunately, what the Founders failed to foresee was the national cultural decay which led to a scarcity of such men.

Contrary to the original intent of our early statesmen, governance became less about public service and more about personal gain. Lawmaking became about the elite and privilege rather than a sense of duty and love of country.

Today it is rare to find anyone in the beltway that sacrifices pleasure for duty. They may arrive onto the Washington scene with good intentions and a higher calling, but most of them are easily persuaded by the creature comforts, cocktail parties, and lure of power and wealth.

Good men in general have no desire to enlist in the good ole boys club of Washington corruption. To the contrary, the Washington lifestyle of power, egomania, and the fast bucks appeals to those individuals who will sell their souls for membership in the most exclusive club in the world. Good men know that there are far greater pleasures and missions than the grandeur of political power.

The republic has been held hostage by the career politicians who invited themselves to the Washington party and never went home. John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Orrin Hatch, Ted Kennedy, and many other lawmakers have made a career out of a public service that was designed to be a temporary gig.

And these career politicians have made the nation’s capital what it is today, a cesspool of dishonest, self-serving bureaucrats who have betrayed and abused the people that they promised to serve.

Trey Gowdy wants to go home to his wife, Terri, and his kids, Watson and Abagail. He has had his fill of the amoral and depraved creatures that dwell in the Washington pond scum.

In 2014 Gowdy’s net worth was 84% less than the average member of Congress. From all reports he kept his integrity and avoided the pitfalls that claimed so many of his colleagues.

Trey Gowdy is the embodiment of a leader that our Founders imagined. He served his country, and he is ready to return to his life.

It will be a sad day for America when Gowdy climbs aboard the plane that will take him home to Greenville, South Carolina, that one last time. But if he did nothing else for the good men and women of America, he reminded us that there are still a few lights burning in Washington D.C. despite the murkiness of the swamp waters and the shadows of the evildoers.

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  1. How true. I always had hope that Gowdy would stick around and stick it to the democrats and other low life scum swimming in the cesspool known as Washington D.C. Unfortunately good people soon learn that they cannot really have an impact on the “system” and in despair, the good ones leave. Unfortunately also, this leaves the swamp to its denizens who continue on their merry ways.
    I have finally concluded, that in addition to being amoral, politicians and the so called elite, all long for the days of an european style monarchy wherein a few rule the many. Our founders knew this would be the temptation so that is why they left, fought the aristocratic rule of Britain and fashioned the constitution as it did.
    The only answer, is obviously term limits. That movement is on the rise and I totally support it and am working to see it get passed in my state. All good people should do the same.

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