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Here they come as we knew they would. In this upside down world of unpredictability we can always predict that the gun control fanatics will rise from the ashes of any disastrous event involving guns. And they won’t even wait until the bodies of the victims are laid to rest to begin their political rhetoric which is bordering on obsessive/compulsive pomposity.

Immediately following the horrific school shooting in Florida yesterday, which left 17 innocent people dead, the parasitic Democrats and bloodsuckers from the fake news media began extracting political blood from the still-warm victims.

As expected, the narrative became a gun-control tale rather than a ‘human driven by evil” story.

The Left just can’t compose their thought processes long enough to accept the reality that their predictability has become trite. The majority of Americans are exhausted with the political machinations from the agenda-driven ideologues.

I understand their frustration. The Democrat Party and their far-left sycophants have had the political process and even a cluster of spineless Republican lawmakers by the tail. They have enjoyed the fruits of the propaganda served to them in a basket with a bright red bow by a complicit and corrupt media.

They thought that the anti-American transformation of this nation as Barack Obama promised was almost complete. And it would have been had Hillary Clinton become president as was planned. Yes, I do understand their pain, and I enjoy it. Their mission will not be accomplished.

Gun control is the final curtain in the drama written for the globalist takedown of America. It is the ultimate battle for the soul of America, and the Democrats are well aware of this hill they need to climb for their conclusive victory.

And by the looks on the faces of the Democrats during President Trump’s State of the Union Speech, they are beginning to recognize that the resistance is not theirs. The resistance belongs to the “Make America Great Again” crowd.

We are resisting the one world order as designed by the elite of the political, media, banking, and corporate establishments. Finally, the masses are alert.

And the one figurative certificate of deposit the Left can take to the bank is that they will never take the guns. If they have not learned anything else from this attempt to overthrow the constitutional republic and mutilate the western lifestyle, they should have detected the fortitude of the “Hands off the 2nd Amendment” crowd.

But the Left, unlike Rush Limbaugh, really do function with half their brains tied behind their back. In fact, with a thorough medical exam, I would wager that most on the Left have their cognitive processes located in the lower end of their alimentary canals.

Those of us who watched President Trump’s first State of the Union Address saw clowns sitting on the Democrat side of the aisle. We saw pitiful humans who have long gloried in their manipulations of the political process and the routine but rudimentary exercise of popular mind control.

The Democrats will continue to call for gun control, but they will be heard by only the few who still cling to their illogical perspective that gun control will stop crazy and evil people.

Normal people understand that good people need guns to stop the bad people with guns. But the Democrats are no longer normal people. They are circus clowns on parade. They don’t get it, and they never will, because they lost their battle for sanity.


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