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Conservatives, Beware! Do not allow your compassion to interfere with your logic. Gun control will not prevent the manifestation of evil. Gun control will not avert school shootings or put an end to the carnage of innocents.

Like most Americans, who are heartsick over the lives lost at the Florida school shooting, I want to be assured that a repeat of this atrocity can never again occur. But I want that assurance to be a credible path to stopping shooters, not a politically correct policy which has no substance.

At best, gun control is a meaningless gesture, and at worst it is the butter on the downward spiral to gun confiscation. It is the appetizer to what will be a full course meal of gun ownership restrictions and an eventual dessert of a gun free society.

The gun control crowd does NOT, I repeat, does NOT, want to control the sale and ownership of what they profess to be semi-automatic weapons such as AR15 Rifles. They want a gun free society. Period!

The so-called restriction on the purchases of the specific guns is designed to be the gateway to the eventual reality of a gun free society. It’s that simple. It’s not a complex plan. The leftist agenda always employs incremental advancement of its pursuits.

The Democrats understand far better than the Republicans that the progress of their movement relies on the conditioning of the masses, a conditioning which allows the frogs to adjust to the boiling of the water before their demise. It’s nothing more than behavior modification which has long been applied to the unsuspecting masses.

We need look no further than the transgender movement which has now launched a transgender principal into the mainstream where he will be dressing as both a man and a woman in his elementary school, in front of the children.

The mainstreaming of transgenderism didn’t happen by chance or overnight. It began with the same agenda that led to same-sex marriage. It began with the same blueprint that was drafted to market bisexuality and gender fluidity.

How could the concept of same-sex marriage be inconceivable only to be accepted by at least half of society within a generational time frame? How and why did we allow our schools to teach children that homosexuality is a natural alternative to heterosexuality?

It is incredible that Americans bought into the lie that all sex is natural with a complete disregard for biological reality. Like it or not, at least half of the population is celebrating the rise of alternative and unnatural sex.

Where were Americans when their lawmakers agreed to the termination of full term babies? Where were the outcries when we learned that the aborted babies were being sold for their organs?

How and why did we get here? I have my hand up to answer that question. We got here because too many American frogs were comfortable in the warming waters of the Democrat pots. As the heat was intensified and the Democrat ideologues became more bizarre, these people adjusted their body temperatures to allow for the excessive heat. And they stayed in the water even as it began to boil.

They ignored every warning by their conservative counterparts who were pleading vociferously for them to get out of the water before it was too late. And now it is too late for them. They are brain damaged.

People are people, and conservatives have to be cautious. They, too, can be lured into the perilous waters where the Democrats control the temperature. And many are doing just that as they begin to say, “Well, maybe just a little gun control will help. Maybe just making it a little more difficult for the shooters to get the guns will help.”

But it won’t. Any measure of gun control, that has not already been made into law, will begin the process of gun confiscation.

The Democrat platform is built on a slippery slope. Democrats know that their policies and agenda are so anti-American that they must manipulate their own constituency with baby steps and a can of Crisco to ease them down that slope…a little farther and just a little farther.

Conservatives must resist their inner emotional struggle to join the “we want limited gun control” crowd. It’s a mirage. There is no such thing as permanent limited gun control.

All calls for gun control are a trap. The Left wants the conservatives close enough to the water to push them in.

Dear Conservative Frogs, cling to your guns and Bibles, but most importantly, cling to your common sense. Get the hell out of the gun control waters while you still can!

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  1. We are in the same state of complacency as the stalwart German Lutherans who watched the rise of Nazi power.

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