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Twenty years ago, a teacher friend and I shared our concerns with each other about the fast-approaching problem of a mental health crisis with our children. And we agreed that if the general public could see what we saw on a daily basis, they would be alarmed, if not panicked.

We didn’t need a crystal ball to foresee the present-day dilemma of child killers. We had a front row seat looking into the windows of their souls, and far too many were soulless. We saw children who were emotionally void of compassion and empathy. And we saw children who were having or would be having their children at an early age and relinquishing all responsibility for their children.

In regards to the children, the future looked bleak. That was not to say that there weren’t some great kids who were emotionally secure and being raised by loving parents who possessed a moral compass. There were indeed good kids.

But our apprehensions were not predicated on the handful of students exhibiting a lack of a moral conscience. It was the rapidly increasing number of callous and emotionally disturbed kids that provoked our anxieties.

It brings no joy to announce that we were right. Oh how I wish that we were wrong.

Perhaps it is because I have spent my adult life in a career in which I study children in order to teach them that I have noticed the sinister trend for mental illness in our children. And I am not referring to genetically induced or organic manifestations of madness.

The inarguable and fundamental cause of mental incapacitation in today’s children is of a social and cultural origin. In a nutshell, the ungodly social justice warriors used political correctness to rob the children of their innocence.

Our children have been denied the innocence of childhood and hurled into the midst of a pornographic culture, a sexually obsessed culture, and a society which is drowning in the “me too” everything. Unlike the generations of America past, our kids come last and adults come first.

Out of the mouths of babes I have heard horrendous stories of neglect and abuse at the hands of their parents. I have had children fall asleep in the classroom and plead with me to let them sleep, because they were awake all night as drunken parents or one parent and a boyfriend had a slugfest at 3 a.m.

Children routinely inform me that mom and/or dad are getting out of lockup soon. Kids just don’t watch porn. They make porn.

A few years ago I learned that one of my students was the daughter of two of my former students. I questioned her as to what her parents were doing now. Her mother was in jail, and she and her four sisters were living with their grandmother. When I asked about her father, a former student who had once urinated in the ice machine in the cafeteria, she told me that the courts wouldn’t allow him to see her or her sisters, because he had a bad habit of “touching them in places” where they shouldn’t be touched.

Recently I was trying to reach a new student who was obviously troubled. He talked freely to me, and I learned that he was living with older sisters. His dad is in jail, and his mother was killed by a train three years ago. According to the boy, his grandmother had told his mother that she was worthless and she needed to kill herself. So, she did.

I checked his story out, and it was true. His mother had put headphones on her ears and laid down on the tracks. End of story. Does anyone wonder why this boy can’t focus in class, has difficulty staying seated and often tears up? He confided in me that he hopes that his sisters will remember to buy his medicine, because he knows that he needs it.

I could write volumes on the topic of depressed, suicidal, and yes, even potentially homicidal kids. I can tell you with near-perfect accuracy which students will end up in the county jail, doing drugs on the streets, and going to prison for life.

But more importantly I can tell you why. We are losing our children to mental illness because of a politically correct culture which has been the driving force of every institution in America since the early 1990s.

It was political correctness that took God from the schools and out of the public eye. It was political correctness that ordained moral relativism and squashed moral absolutism.

Political correctness was established on the amoral authority of government. PC is Marxism in a dress.

Like it or not we have sacrificed our children at the altar of political correctness. The politically correct saboteurs disrupted the lives and normal emotional maturation of our children with their depraved and unholy propaganda, destroying the chances of millions of kids to ever lead normal and mentally healthy lives.

There are millions of these kids out there. They won’t all go off the deep end, but deep within their minds they are demented, and they are capable of horrible atrocities.

And what do the politically correct social justice warriors do to solve the problem? They institute more politically correct policies which are empty vessels of nothingness. They want to condemn the lifeless guns rather than address the culture rot which has fomented the derangement of the shooters.

Literally millions of our children are becoming sociopaths, and those numbers will continue to grow unless we scrap political correctness and acknowledge that a return to God and moral absolutism is the solution to the problem of social and psychological anarchy.

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