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If it is even possible to reach all four corners of the earth, Billy Graham did so. He was a man who was born to take Christ’s message around the world. And it is not an exaggeration to acknowledge that Reverend Graham did indeed spread Christianity throughout the world.

There has never been a human being who so successfully and honorably witnessed to the world the love and promise of ever-lasting life according to the Scriptures as did the Reverend Billy Graham. Graham was the George Washington of spiritual leadership.

He prayed with most presidents of his lifetime and managed to remain apolitical despite his conservative Christian calling. Graham was unquestionably the most well-known and effective Christian missionary in the history of the world. He has been a cherished and exalted spiritual hero to most Americans.

Graham’s absence from the pulpit during the past five years has been due to his frail health. His last sermon was delivered on his 95th birthday.

It was during this engagement that Graham spoke of his grave concerns for America. “Our country is in great need of a spiritual awakening,” he warned. “There have been times that I’ve wept as I have gone from city to city, and I’ve seen how far people have wandered from God.” This was to be Graham’s last message to his countrymen.

And none can argue with his sentiments. Our people, like all people throughout the world, have wandered far from God and the life that true Believers must follow.

Every feature, every institution, and every crook and nanny of American life radiates amorality. Virtue is the abomination of the day. And the holiest among us are mocked.

If anything speaks to the wickedness that Reverend Graham witnessed, it would unequivocally be the disrespect that the Washington Post directed at this beloved Christian leader on the final day of his life. In a commentary which was undeniably penned prior to Graham’s death, the Post smeared his memory with accusations that he neglected his family, displayed sexist behavior towards his wife, and had a callous disregard for his children.

A hallowed and admired American luminary dies and one of the nation’s most acclaimed news publications spits on his memory with a scandalous opinion-piece designed to malign not only Reverend Graham but the God that he served.

And do not doubt for a minute that the Washington Post’s editorial staff anticipated with great delight the moment that they could insult Christian America and the Graham family with this Satanic piece of trash. I am confident it was written years in advance of Graham’s passing.

It is unfathomable that a renowned newspaper situated in our nation’s capital could operate in such darkness that they could resort to the publication of a hit piece which is so clearly a demonic inspiration.

But perhaps it is best that the Post ran such a disgraceful tribute to the man who spent his life bringing his fellow man to Christ. We need to be reminded as to the evil that lurks in broad daylight, no longer remaining behind the closed doors of our once-upon-a-time revered institutions.

The Washington Post’s assault on Billy Graham was categorically an attack on God, and Christians need to recognize the enemies of Christendom. The moment that Graham walked into the presence of God, the enemies of Christ exposed themselves.

Billy Graham no longer weeps for America. He has received his reward. Neither the Washington Post or ungodly Marxists can damage the man. They only wish that they could.

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  1. Our mother loved Billy Graham. She attended several of his Crusades. One in Columbus. It didn’t matter what was on TV. If a Billy Graham Crusade was being televised that is what we would be watching. With only one TV in the household there was no going to our room to watch something else.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the Washington Post would run an editorial disparaging Rev. Graham. This is who they are. They go after everything else that is good and decent about our nation and our beliefs why should Billy Graham be an exception to their twisted logic?

    The Columbines, Sandyhooks and now a new massacre in Florida are the products of what The Post,New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the usual suspects have given us.

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