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Ironically, the Florida Law Enforcement and the FBI have made the case for armed citizens. It defies reason how four Broward County Sheriff’s deputies could draw their pistols and hide behind vehicles while innocent unarmed children were alone in the school with an armed madman.

How is it possible that the FBI ignored the tip line caller who warned the agency that Cruz was about to explode? The police were called to the Florida gunman’s house 39 times in 7 years and still there was no heightened alert for this young deranged man.

The students knew that Cruz was a loose cannon. The school authorities knew that he was a threat, yet with repeated warnings about this mentally unstable young man law enforcement did nothing. NOT A SINGLE THING!.

To say that the FBI and Florida law enforcement are incompetent is too charitable. These warnings about Cruz were flat out ignored. This degree of overt ineptitude within such a vital American institution, that being the establishment responsible for national security, cannot be tolerated. And Americans must question the negligent behaviors of these civil servants whose number one priority is to keep Americans safe and alive.

We knew our nation was broken. We knew that bureaucratic incompetency stretched all across the American political, social, and cultural spectrums. But it has only been in recent months that we have seriously understood the profound misconduct involved in our law enforcement agencies.

We have seen the FBI mismanage the Hillary Clinton email scandal and conspire to destroy a presidential candidate and presidency. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we learn that the FBI, local Parkland Police, and the Broward County Sheriff’s office had knowledge of the insanity of a man who would end the lives of seventeen innocent Americans. They had all of the information they needed to stop Nikolas Cruz’s rampage, and they did nothing…NOTHING!!!

The Florida school shooting did not advance the case for gun control. To the contrary, it gave evidence to law-abiding citizens for the case that expecting law enforcement to protect us is a joke. We now know that it is ludicrous to expect anything from those whose job it is to protect us.

While the left-wing political and media forces try to convince us to disarm, we see more and more reason to cling to our guns. The what -could- have- been- prevented Florida shooting made the case for concealed carry. We now know when it comes to protection, we are on our own.

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