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Never let it be said that the Left is impatient. In the grand scheme of dismantling America they have mastered the capacity of patience. The Left understands that people have to be nudged in the direction of totalitarianism, because no human being in his right mind would willfully agree to the abject tyranny that awaits him at the end of the globalist rainbow. To be sure it is not that pot of gold that the Democrats promise.

So, little by little and baby step by baby step, the American Left has indoctrinated the weaker-minded American people. And it hasn’t been a secret. The Democrat Party has openly discussed the practice of brainwashing at their gatherings. Unfortunately for the American people, the complicit media hid the agenda from the unsuspecting public.

Obamacare architect, Jonathan Grueber, stated openly in a conference in Boston in 2014 that the lack of transparency of Obamacare gave the Democrats political advantage. He publicly announced that the stupidity of the American voter was critical for Obamacare to pass. In Grueber’s words, “If you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in……… made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get the money, it would not have passed. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but that was really critical for the thing to pass.”

In 1995 the then United States Attorney Eric Holder addressed the Woman’s National Democrat Club and his speech was broadcasted by CSpan2. He announced his public campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a different way.” Holder was completely open about his remarks, because he knew he had the cover of the national media. And really, how many people watched CSpan2?

Holder knew what the tyrants of all oppressed people have known. Propaganda used to influence the masses must be promoted through a long period of education and misleading informational campaigns.

He spoke of the particular attention that needed to be paid to the young people. And for the naysayers and skeptics, “Yes, Holder even used the word “brainwash.” He was so confident of the Democrats’ control of the mainstream media, that he didn’t bother hiding the plan.

The Democrat agenda to destroy the republic has been transparent for three decades, but the general public has been apathetic. To be fair, most Americans didn’t even recognize the signs of the constitutional crisis.

It really took the Marxist policies of Barack Obama to shake the listless from their naptime. It was not until Obama proudly and forcefully took the transformation of America public that the majority of conservatives threw aside their nightcaps.

The Left has fought long and hard for control of the children. And they have managed to reach them through entertainment, social media, and sadly through the one institution where children’s minds should be shielded from thought control, that being the schools.

After successfully infiltrating the teachers’ unions and teacher colleges, the Left has created the perfect forum for programming the children. Where better to begin molding the brain matter of kids than in the setting where they are a captive audience? Unlike the adults, children are not free to remove themselves from an indoctrination situation. They are forced to listen to the political display of left-wing rhetoric.

Our kids are naïve. They have no reason to distrust the school messenger nor the experience to recognize propaganda. School children will transcend the American culture and body politic into the brave new world that the globalists have prepared without a fight. Whereas, the thoughtful adults will resist the programming.

Following the Florida school shooting, as expected, the gun control fanatics came out from under their gun confiscation rocks to once again push their unconstitutional agenda to disarm Americans. They wasted no time and they found Vladmir Lenin’s “useful idiots” in the traumatized school children.

These grieving children were ripe for the pickin’ as the media and left-wing vultures took to their Alinsky playbook and didn’t let the good crisis go to waste. As far as the Democrats were concerned, the kids had finally arrived.

Who should be the welcoming voice for the unholy Left, but none other than the first anti-American president, Barack Obama.

In words which should be bone-chilling to the masses, Obama spoke, “We have been waiting for you.” In a rare moment he was telling the truth. The Left has indeed been waiting for the children to arrive. It is the moment they have anticipated for decades.

And the earth-shattering reality for all of us is that this horror flick isn’t a movie! Chew on that!

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